Where To Find The Best Road Closure Information In The United States?

Where to find the best road closure information? Are there any reliable sources that can warn drivers about this particular impediment?

For drivers and commuters alike, it is essential that they know the status of the streets that they will pass through. It is a kind of planning that helps them avoid traffic and delays in travel. After all, things like traffic and vehicular accidents can really derail your journey.

Of course, road closures are among those debacles that you might encounter while you are driving. They are normal circumstances, though, as they always happen from time to time. From road repair, construction down to special events, these are valid reasons for a state to close some of its roads. 

However, being oblivious about them is quite a blunder. If you do not know about them ahead of time, they will cost you a lot. They can compromise your schedule, trip, and even safety. That’s why before you drive, you need to check out these following platforms.

Best Places To Find Road Closure Information In the United States

1. U.S Department of Transportation – Federal Highway Administration

One of the most optimal sources of information regarding road closures and traffic conditions is the Federal Highway Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation. So far, this is the most reliable platform that you deliver you updated reports regarding road closures in various states of the country. 

The Federal Highway Administration continuously updates the database of the National Traffic and Road Closure Information. It has access to various traffic information sources that allow you to see sudden developments on the roads. Whenever a state initiates a road closure, this site will be notified immediately. This results in the prompt posting of updates that are very useful to commuters. 

Using the National Traffic and Road Closure Information of the U.S. Department of Transportation is pretty straightforward. You just have to click the state that you are in, and it immediately publishes all road information that you need.

2. Waze

Many of us are using Waze. Even non-drivers have this application installed on their devices. This application is an excellent mapping software that has multiple capabilities to defeat traffic. It provides alternative routes if your preferred street is congested with vehicles. Aside from that, it also has live updates regarding the latest developments in traffic situations. 

In the recent updates of the Waze app, it enabled a reporting system which allows any of its user to report road closures. With the information that you upload on this application, you are also helping other drivers know the detours. Of course, other drivers can do the same thing, too. This kind of mechanism allows Waze to generate real-time reports about various traffic situations. 

Of course, Waze still has a filtering process to verify if the report submitted was factual. Accordingly, Waze will check the profile of the uploader to see if he/ she has a good record when it comes to providing various traffic information. The higher the reputation of the user, the quicker the information will be approved for publishing.

In the statement given by the proprietors of Waze, the road closure report system was initiated right after typhoon Sandy struck some parts of the U.S. According to Waze, the White House and the Federal Emergency Management Agency asked drivers of New York to help locate functioning gas stations. The drivers heeded this call. It displayed the power of crowdsourcing. It paved the way for Waze to develop such kind of system.

3. WideLoadShipping

The site WideLoadShipping is a complete database for road maps in the United States and Canada. It can be your one-stop shop for anything that is related to traffic maps, traffic reports, and road closure updates. Specifically, this one is dedicated to truck drivers who are traveling interstate. However, any drivers should be able to utilize the information that is being given here. 

The site implements a state-based mapping. It has a highly extensive database that offers a myriad of information. Primarily, it can give you the latest updates about road closures on major highways and thoroughfares. But from time to time, you can see reports on weather conditions and road accidents here. 

These are some of the platforms where you can get updated information regarding closures. Before you travel, make sure that you can check to any of these sources so that you can plan ahead of the route that you are going to take.