Where To Find Live Traffic Cameras Online – 4 Websites You Should Consider

Where to find live traffic cameras online? 

It is pivotal for drivers and commuters alike to know the traffic condition within their vicinity. By having the essential information on their hand, planning their trip would be a lot easier. 

There are multiple means of how you can simplify your driving experience. These days, it is entirely possible that you can avoid traffic or get ahead of things even if you are still not on the road. From traffic-based applications down to live traffic reports, all of these mediums can help road users make their lives easier. 

Interestingly, there is another platform that has not yet been explored. Although it is an unconventional method, you could utilize it for a smoother ride. We are talking about live traffic cameras here. 

We know that accessing these traffic cameras is quite difficult. Most of them are state-owned, after all. You need to seek permission first before you can tap on these lines. Of course, doing so is not easy. There are a lot of technicalities that are involved here. Fortunately, these unfavorable predicaments don’t mean that there are no live traffic cameras that you can view. 

Live Traffic Cameras Online

The following sites are some of the most reliable websites that offer traffic camera services. However, we are not completely sure if these live feeds were taken from legal connections. Either way, you might want to visit these sites if you want to have a first-hand view of the on-going traffic situation in your area.

1. EarthCam – Webcam Network

EarthCam is one of the leading websites that provide live streaming of different cameras all over the world. Most of the cameras that are advertised here are for tourism and entertainment purposes. Uploaders will submit their camera feed to the network so that it can be streamed on the internet. Of course, some of the live feed that is being streamed here pertain to various traffic situations. 

It is still unsure if the EarthCam can provide reliable traffic cameras on your location. There’s a good probability that it does not have a complete database. But it is still worth trying, especially if you are living in the United States, the United Kingdom, and some other first-world countries.

2. WeatherBug.Com (Traffic Camera)

The website of WeatherBug also provides live traffic camera services. Accordingly, WeatherBug has access to different cameras of cities all over the world. Some have reported that WeatherBug automatically generates traffic cameras based on your current IP address. However, you can still do some manual searches if you want to find some traffic cameras in a specific area.

However, one should know that the availability of traffic cameras in WeatherBug is not that consistent. There are numerous instances where it doesn’t display any live feed. It is an understandable situation though, given that there’s a good chance they can’t get access to traffic cameras all the time.

3. LiveTrafficUK.Com

If you are living in the United Kingdom, you can always rely on the website Live Traffic. This platform has a collection of thousands of live cameras that are stationed in every street in the UK. There is a strong possibility that you can get a live view in your designated route here–given that you are driving on the streets of the UK. The quality of the cameras is pretty excellent. Furthermore, these cameras are seemingly available for 24 hours. 

Using Live Traffic is quite easy. You just have to click their maps and indicate your location. After clicking, you will be directed to a separate page where a plethora of live feed cameras are waiting for you. All you have to do is to click one of the camera icons on the map to see what’s happening down there. The cameras of Live Traffic will undoubtedly give you the traffic situation of every junction in the UK.

4. Traffic Land 

Traffic Land is a traffic monitoring website that is based on the United States. It claims that it can generate traffic streams and videos coming from more than 18,000 cameras in the United States. Traffic Land is said to cover almost 220 cities in the country, which is far more impressive than we expected. 

All of the videos being provided by this site are all legal. After all, the site has a contractual arrangement with different transport departments that operate in the United States. Somehow, this made them arguably the largest aggregate site for live traffic videos in the country. The videos provided on the site can be played via your mobile phone and other digital platforms.

These are some of the best sources of traffic cameras that can be found on the internet. There are still more, but you should always visit these sites first because they are reliable and updated regularly.