What To Like About Tesla’s Cars: Should You Join the Bandwagon?

What To Like About Tesla’s Cars: Should You Join the Bandwagon?

There are only a few car manufacturers that have a large and loyal following as Tesla. It could be said that it has already reached a status that differentiates it from the rest of the car brands today. 

Tesla, of course, is owned by Elon Musk. That’s why it is not a surprise anymore if the vehicles under this line are innovative and downright brilliant. The CEO of SpaceX did a lot of configurations to ensure that the cars of Tesla can outshine the competition. Therefore, many believed that Musk is Steve Jobs when it comes to the field of transportation. 

Right now, a lot of people speculate that the Tesla car will dominate the industry of car manufacturing. But before that happens, you need to know what to like about Tesla’s cars. The rundown below will elucidate you.

Best Features of Tesla Cars

1. The Interior Air Are Clean

If you care about the air quality inside the car, then you should go to Tesla units. That the only way to go. You see, the Model X of Tesla has an air quality that is suitable enough for hospital operations. That’s pretty astounding, right? 

The Model X is capable of filtering out chemicals and discharge it outside the car. Specifically, the Bioweapon Defense Mode is the very feature that enables the Model X to accomplish such a feat. It employs the High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filtration to ensure that your air inside will not cause any health problems and allergies. It is an added quality that will make you fall in love with this manufacturer. 

2. The Cars Are Super Tough

When it comes to sales marketing, you want to showcase the best thing that your product can offer. When it comes to cars, it is not just about speed and fuel efficiency. Sometimes, it is about its rigidness and the safety of the passengers inside them.

Well, Tesla has achieved such quality. They engineered their automobiles so that they can withstand intense and life-threatening collisions. Of course, this statement doesn’t mean that the car is invincible. However, compared to other vehicles out there, we can confidently say that Tesla vehicles can keep you safer. 

So what’s the proof for this claim? 

Well, there was a crash evaluation in 2013 that shocked car manufacturers and enthusiasts alike. It even broke the testing machine that was used to assess the impact resistance of the vehicle. The rating for this test is just 1 to 5. However, the Model S of Tesla did score a 5.4. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave such an overwhelming score to the car because of its insane durability.

3. Tesla Will Have Trucks, Too

Aside from automobiles, Tesla will launch a semi-truck on its line, too. While everybody is excited about the upcoming SUV release of this manufacturer, this semi-truck could even raise the anticipation of people. It was confirmed already by the Business Insider that Musk already a green light to the semi-truck production. 

Furthermore, Musk also announced that Tesla would also produce an electric bus that has an automated pilot system. This means that the vehicle will no longer need a driver. Of course, this plan might sound ambitious, but we all know that Musk has already accomplished some spectacular feats in the field of science and technology. We can even say that creating such a sophisticated system is a child’s play for him.

Accordingly, the company of Tesla has already developed self-driving hardware. It might require some test-runs, but it is something that is really worth waiting for. The current Tesla cars have the prototype Autopilot system, which is already a handy feature for most drivers.

4. Tesla Cars Have “Insane Mode” 

It might sound like a difficulty setting in a video game, but it is not. Instead, such a name is given to the jaw-dropping feature of Tesla cars that allow drivers to configure its power. 

According to the reports, this setting will adjust the power of the car and convert it into acceleration only. Admittedly, it appears to be a little dangerous, but for thrill-seekers out there, this capability might be the thing that they are looking for. 

The P85F engine of the vehicle will enable this feature to come into life. It equips the Tesla cars with dual motors. The Model S of Tesla can go 0 to 60 mph in just 6 seconds or less. But with the Insane Mode activated, the Model S can reach the same speed in a mere 3.2 seconds! 

These are some of the interesting feats of Tesla cars. Experiencing them would really be a great thing. Despite the naysayers of this car company, it is undeniable that it showcases the future of automobiles and transportation.