Volkswagen Says Goodbye To The “Beetle”

Volkswagen Says Goodbye To The “Beetle”

Volkswagen already bid its goodbye to its iconic Beetle. 

The Beetle is one of Volkswagen’s most popular opuses. The company announced that the last production of the said vehicle was in July 2019.

They released a campaign advertisement with the title “The Last Mile.”

This campaign launched on Tuesday. It included an animated video that has a score of the “Let It Be”–a track from The Beatles. The song was covered by the children’s choir of the Pro Musica Youth Chorus.

This 90-second video was created by Johannes Leonardo ad agency. It appeared on CNN and ABC last Tuesday night. Additional placements for the said were also hosted during the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl games on New Year’s Day. 

The story of “The Last Mile” follows a little boy as he was achieving different milestones in his life. Specifically, the journey started when the father of the boy brought a Beetle in their home. The boy learned how to drive and soon enough, he inherited the Beetle from his father. He turned into a young adult; he fell in love with a woman and married her. They started a family and watched it grow. Later on, the young boy became an elderly already, and the Beetle flew to the sky. 

If you pay closer to the video, you can spot several cameos on it. Significant individuals that have a significant contribution to the rise of Beetle were animated in the short film. It included Andy Warhol who created artworks that involved the Beetle. Kelvin Bacon was also present there. He played the character, Ren McCormack, in “Footloose,” and was seen driving the car Beetle a couple of times in the movie. 

After the Beetle ascended to the sky, a sentence appeared on the screen that states, “Where one road ends, another begins.”

It was in 2018 where Volkswagen announced that they would discontinue the production of the compact cars we all know as Beetle. The reason for the company for this video is quite expected already; it is already looking for new ventures where they would play a part in the mass production of electric vehicles.

In January 2019, it announced that it is already preparing to build its first new vehicle prototype. The production of this car is at the plant of Volkswagen in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since many car manufacturers are aiming to comply with the environmental requirements of minimal emission, Volkswagen thought that it is the perfect time to limit their production of gas-based models. 

The last unit of Beetle was manufactured and rolled off from a Volkswagen plant in Mexico in July 2019. According to Steffen Reiche, the Volkswagen de Mexico CEO, the said plant is already manufacturing the Tarek SUV–one of the company’s latest SUVs. 

In fact, to show its thrust toward future advancements, Volkswagen decided that they are not going to sell the last models of Beetles in car dealerships. Instead, they sold these units in Amazon–one of the largest e-commerce platforms that exist today. 

Leo Premutico, Johannes Leonardo Chief Executive, wrote an email to the CNBC and explained their overall intent for the said video they have made. 

“This animated film pays homage to the imprint this car has made as we make way for an exciting future of electric mobility for the masses,” Premutico said. “When creating the campaign, it was very intentional that we didn’t put any one person or moment on a pedestal. The Volkswagen Beetle was the great equalizer for society and culture at large. This isn’t one person’s goodbye or a company’s; it’s everyone’s goodbye.”

This campaign is quite interactive, as well. It has integrated an “influencer element,” which allowed users all over the world to share their memories and moments with the Beetle on Facebook and Instagram.