Top Tools Every Driver Should Have While Driving

Top Tools Every Driver Should Have While Driving

Having a vehicle is not just all fun and games. Assuming that it is your first time to own one, it is important that you are reminded that you have big responsibilities in your hand.

Regular maintenance and automobile insurances are among the things that come into your mind when it comes to these liabilities. However, you should realize that they are nothing more than just basics. For immediate repairs and maintenance, you can’t rely on anyone but yourself.

Being an automotive-savvy is beneficial for you and your vehicle. It saves you from inconveniences and unwanted expenditures. But of course, you can’t be too good if you don’t have a collection of tools to aid you once the going gets down. The following items should be able to help you out whenever there are minor inconveniences that you encounter while driving.

Tire-Pressure Gauge

One of the most important automotive utilities out there is a tire-pressure gauge. This is the one that you need to guarantee that your tires are in excellent condition and full capacity. You don’t want to drive with a low or slowly leaking tire, after all.

A tire gauge works by inflating tires so that they can attain their ideal air pressure. They can also measure the air that is leaving from the tires when they are attached to the valve.

There are basic tire-pressure gauges that you can get for a small fee. The simplest one features a cylindrical design that includes a tab that protrudes once the gauge is attached to the tire. In this tab, there’s a “PPI” marking that you can see, which means pounds per inch. You can also get digital tire-pressure gauges because they can give accurate measurements for the PPI.

Lug-Nut Wrench

You should never shy away from a lug-nut wrench. In every spare kit for vehicles, this particular tool is always present. Its function is crucial in doing roadside maintenance of your vehicle.

You cannot fix your tires by yourself if you don’t have this tool. Specifically, this specialty wrench is engineered to conform to the lug-nuts that connect the axle of the vehicle to your wheels.

Before you drive, make sure that this item is present in your repair kit. If not, then find ways to acquire one. You will never know when you will encounter a problematic situation with your car tires. Fortunately, lug-nut wrenches aren’t that expensive. They only cost not more than $20.

Jumper Cables

Another important car tool that should be present in the trunk of your vehicle is a set of jumper cables. Without exaggerating things, these jumper cables have saved a lot of people from getting stuck roadside because of dead car batteries. In instances where the battery dies, these cables can come to your rescue.

Specifically, these jumper cables allow you to revive a dead battery by connecting it to an external battery. If you can see a passing vehicle or motorists, you can ask them to have your jumper cables get connected to their vehicles.

Always ensure that your jumper cables are in proper condition. The clamps should be free from any rust. Meanwhile, the rubber coating of the cables should have any nicks. Because the length is a crucial factor in selecting jumper cables, it is recommended that you get a pair that has a length of at least ten feet. Jumper cables do come with a price, but they are a worthy investment.


Screwdrivers are also important when it comes to vehicle repairs and maintenance. Your toolkit should have them, specifically the flathead and Phillips screwdriver. After all, you will never know when you are going to remove the battery of your car, take out the windshield wiper, or change the headlight. These components are attached tightly in the body of your vehicle and they won’t come out unless you unscrew them.

Fortunately, screwdrivers are the least expensive tools that you can ever come by. You can acquire a set of these screwdrivers for less than $50. Of course, it is recommended that you acquire different sets of screwdrivers. In this way, your versatility is never compromised. Try to get one for your home, too. In doing this, you can avoid misplacing the tool!