Top Sites For Car Listings In 2019

Finding a car is a complicated process. That’s a fact and never an understatement. 


When buying a car, opting for used units is pretty common these days. After all, it is cheaper and more practical than getting a brand-new unit. Of course, this route is just for individuals who are tight on budget. 


Fortunately, doing this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to settle for ugly and used cars. Gone are the days where the system is just like that. Right now, we have a lot of websites that offer car listing services. They allow you to find the best deals for your given budget and specifications. Furthermore, they prevent you from being scammed by other sellers. 


Here are some of the top sites for car listings that you should check out!

Best Car Listing Websites

1. Autotrader

Undeniably, Autotrader is the most popular car listing platform on the internet today. It has a lot of offers and features, which make it easier for interested car buyers and sellers to get what they want. 


The site has an advanced search tool so that you can narrow down the model of the vehicle that you want. In fact, you can even search the make, and the year the car has been manufactured here. You can even filter your search even further by the price and the desired fuel mileage. Other intuitive search functions are also available on Autotrader. 


By far, the number of listings that this site is pretty extensive. There are thousands of successful deals that took place here. Maybe it is your turn next. 

2. CarsDirect

Just like Autotrader, CarsDirect is also a car listing platform that ensures simplicity in your searches. Here, you can narrow down your hunt to the exact specifications that you want. It will not give you broad and unrelated results because all it is always an input-based platform. 


The result also displays the exact offer of the seller and other negotiable arrangements that they want. It can even give you a detailed Carfax report. Images and current status of the listed vehicle are obliged to be posted here. Furthermore, it has been noted that CarsDirect enables you to save your current results into your search history. Such a feature helps you compare and decide which vehicle you should purchase.


Other useful features such as financing options and dealer’s location are being provided here. So far, I consider this as one of the most user-friendly car-listing sites today.

3. Hemmings

Are you looking for classic vehicles? Then your destination should lead you to Hemmings!


Hemmings is a car listing website that is suitable for collectors and treasure hunters. This is a treasure trove of classic cars and nothing else! Practically, the site has an old-school platform, but it still accessible. You can navigate on its search engine so that you can find the car model and parts that you are hunting for a long time. 


They have a vast list of classic and vintage units here. You always have the opportunity to get what you want. The search function can also assist you in finding a replacement or refurbished parts of the current vehicle that you have. 


If you are just passing your time, Hemmings also provide newsletters about anything related to classics and automobile. Aside from that, you can also purchase books, apparel, and other peripherals for your car. Interestingly, the site has a buying guide for every first-timers out there.A

4. CarGurus

Of course, it is entirely reasonable for car buyers to bargain, especially those who are trying to frugal. Luckily, there’s a car listing site that you can go if you need such kinds of deal. 


CarGurus is a reputable website that car sellers and buyers can trust. It has a solid reputation in the market and delivered a clean and fair venue for people to haggle and negotiate. The pricing of the vehicles here is not that expensive either, which makes an excellent choice for anyone who has a limited budget.


It also educates buyers and sellers in identifying and assessing the market value of a particular vehicle. Changes in the pricing of vehicles are also explained here.


These are some of the top sites for car listing sites that you can go whenever you are looking for a second-hand vehicle. You can find decent and adequately maintained units in any of these platforms. With them around, searching for a “brand new car” would be a lot easier.