Top Car Rental Companies In The U.S. 

Top Car Rental Companies In The U.S. 

There are numerous reasons why car rentals are prevalent these days. From meeting long-distance family members down to official business trips, these excursions require the service of high-quality rent-a-car. It is already time that you stop on settling on low-end and poorly maintained vehicles because they will not make your trip smooth and relaxing. 

Searching for the best car rental companies in the U.S. can be swift rather than tedious. After all, these companies have a rapport that already reached even those who haven’t tried renting a car yet. If it is your first time trying this service, you better check out the following names in the industry. Let’s get started!

Top Car Rental Companies in the U.S. 

1. Enterprise

It is not surprising anymore that Enterprise became on top of this list. Right from the start, it can be said that the Enterprise Rent-A-Car company is the most affordable and efficient venue to get premium vehicles for rent. Aside from operating in the United States, they have satellite offices that you can go to the United Kingdom and Canada. 

Enterprise is quite big already. They are already stationed in more than 6,000 locations and have a myriad of self-service kiosks. They also have responsive customer service, which makes them an easy company to make a deal with. 

This car for rent company offers a plethora of selection of five-seater SUVs and four-door cars. They can cater to almost all of your preferences. Regardless of your needs, the Enterprise has the ability to address it for you. The money you pay to them will all be worth it.

2. Hertz

Undeniably, Hertz is a bigger company than Enterprise. They have more offices, locations, and vehicles that are on their stock. However, this doesn’t mean that they have better delivery and performance compared to our number 1 rent-a-car company. 

Regardless of that, anyone can say that Hertz is an incredible company. It will not only give you a wide array of selection of vehicles, but it can also provide you with faster drop-off options after you have completed your journey. It is also notable that this company also offers shuttle services on airports. Its customer service is pretty reliable, too. 

You can guarantee that the vehicle they offer you is well-maintained. They are often tested for performance evaluation to ensure that you will not have any trouble riding them. From time-to-time, Hertz is giving discounts and coupons.

3. National Car Rental

From the name of this company alone, trusting it should never be a problem. National Car Rental is also an excellent car rental company that operates in the United States and some other parts of the globe. While it is true that it is significantly smaller compared to the first two companies that have been featured here, there’s no discounting the fact that National Car Rental offers excellent service. 

There are features and offers that are unique to National Car Rental alone. An excellent example of this is the fact that they offer the lowest rental prices on a daily basis. They also have a pretty impressive loyalty program that can give you mark-down discounts on selected vehicles. You can start your transaction with their online platform. It is pretty sure that things will get smoother after that. 

Customer service is not the strongest point of National Car Rental. There are a number of instances where they have encountered logistical problems. Fortunately, none of them has escalated their severity.

4. Alamo Car Rental

Alamo Car Rental is a wonderful place to get a vehicle for rent. However, they are not that known as compared to Enterprise and Hertz. After all, their locations are quite limited. Specifically, they only operate on around two-hundred fifty locations throughout the United States. If you spot one of their locations, it would really be great if you can try them. 

But besides that, Alamo Car Rental is quite a superb option. It has a performing customer service team that gets things done. Furthermore, it has great pricing, too. The booking costs of their vehicles can almost rival the national average. You can also utilize their shuttle services if you are in the airport or some isolated locations.

5. Budget

Among all the names here, Budget has the most distinct vehicle-for-rent service. Aside from compact cars and SUVs, you can also get trucks and minivans from them. It is a great feature, especially for those who are planning to move and those that have large logistics problems on their hands. 

The team of Budget has a dedicated customer service so that you will not have a problem transacting with them. Their online platform lets you talk with them so that you can give your specifications to them. Its online booking is pretty hassle-free, too. Of course, the price of rentals of Budget is significantly lower than most of its competition. You can make them as your one-stop-shop if your budget is quite tight. 

These are some of the top car rental companies in the U.S. Any of them can provide you with excellent customer service and a wide array of vehicles that you can choose from. 

Which of them is your favorite?