NFL Star Killed in Motorcycle Crash

NFL Star Killed in Motorcycle Crash

A tragedy struck down the rise of Cedric Benson. The Texas Longhorn superstar passed away last Saturday night, August 17 due to a traffic accident. Benson was 36 years old.

According to the local authorities in Austin, the NFL legend got involved in a motorcycle crash. He was the one who is riding the motorcycle. The reports indicate that a minivan rammed into the Benson in a particular intersection. Aside from Benson, a woman was also pronounced dead. Both of them died in the scene.

The Chicago Bears, the former team of Benson, posted a tweet on Twitter, extending their heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Benson.

“Our condolences to the friends and family of former Bears running back Cedric Benson, our 4th overall Draft pick in 2005 and member of the 2006 NFC Champions team,” the tweet said.

Eerily, hours before the accident, Benson was still able to post a picture on Instagram that shows his motorcycle. The caption of the image is “My Saturday evening.” Nobody knew that time that this post could mean something horrifying.
The Legend of Benson in NFL
The late Benson is an NFL superstar. His records are not just for show.

Benson traversed over 1,000 yards in the four seasons that he stayed in Texas. In college football, this speed demon ranks 9th on the top leading rushers throughout history. Specifically, his record is at 5,540 yards.

Moreover, he scored 64 touchdowns, which ranks second in the history of the school.

To add to his accolades, Benson bagged the Doak Walker Award. This is a prestigious recognition to the top running back in the entire nation. Of course, he deserved it after striking a record of 1,834 yards and 18 touchdowns. Aside from this feat, Benson was also a part of the All-American honors in 2004.

The University of Texas football team also posted a tweet regarding the sudden passing of Benson.

“Very sad day with the passing of Longhorn Legend Cedric Benson. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends and our community of lettermen. He will be missed,” the tweet stated.

Mack Brown, the college coach of Benson, expressed his strong admiration to the player.

“He was a true spirit — one of the toughest players we ever coached, if not the toughest,” Brown said to the reporters last Sunday.

“I, along with a lot of Longhorns, are just crushed,” he followed.

Overall, the stint of Benson in the NFL is eight years. During this stint, he was drafted by three teams. His accumulated records include rushing more than 1,000 yards three times. Moreover, he also accomplished 6,017 rushing yards and a career highlight of 32 touchdowns.

The Jim Anderson, the coach of Cincinnati Bengals one of the former NFL teams of Benson, also relayed his message of solace regarding this tragic incident.

“Once he bought into our system, he was like a flower. He just blossomed. He gave us an element we didn’t have. We had complementary guys, but Cedric gave us a missing element. He was a good man. He was one of my guys, and it hurts. Life is too short,” Anderson mentioned.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati Bengals President Mike Brown also expressed the same thing.

“Cedric was a fine football player for us. Our organization is deeply saddened by his sudden and tragic passing. The Bengals extend our deepest condolences to Cedric’s family,” Brown said.

Benson was able to play a single season in the Green Bay. This is the team where he started the first five games of his NFL career in 2012. His glory took a halt when he suffered from Lisfranc fracture when he was in Indianapolis.

During his stint in Green Bay, Benson rushed 248 yards and made 71 touchdowns by himself. Interestingly, Benson showed remarkable strength in defense during his season in Green Bay. In just five games, this player caught and intercepted 14 passes.

Before his NFL career was finished, Benson completed a rush of 6,017 years while scoring 46 touchdowns.

After retiring, Benson resided in Austin, Texas. Outside the bench, he established the NUFCED foundation. This foundation aims to help children and families from the underprivileged sector. One of the most notable achievements of this foundation is its significant assistance in the repair of a house that has been victimized by the bombings in Austin in 2018