How To Tell If Your Car Needs A Repaint Job

Reading this article means that you are currently baffled if you are going to repaint your vehicle or not.

Of course, it is a big decision that you need to consider seriously. After all, replacing the original paint of your vehicle might mean a lot. Car repaints can also get expensive, especially if you are going to pick high-end paints or aiming for a total makeover.

Fortunately, there are some tell-tale signs that your vehicle requires new paint already. Here are some of them.

Signs That Your Car Needs A Repaint

1. Scratches
Vehicular accidents are pretty annoying. Aside from the damages they incur, they also cause other issues that could perpetuate if left unattended.

For instance, a single scratch in your rear could cause the rest of the paint to peel, crack, and bubble. And once this happens, the rest of your car is already prone to rust. The worst part of this problem is that rust doesn’t stay on a single. Typically, it spreads out.

Hence, if your vehicle has a lot of scratches due to previous, you might want to repaint those parts. Otherwise, you will encounter pesky issues in the future.

2. Fading Paint
Of course, if the paint of your vehicle starts to fade, it is just proper that you repaint it.

It is not unnatural for the paint to fade. Among the factors that cause that is age. Car paint, just like any other paint, deteriorates as time passes by.

Another reason why a car paint loses its luster is that you left it under extreme heat or cold for too long. Harsh temperatures can actually damage the paint. They will wear out the quality of your paint and eventually shorten its lifespan. That’s why it is always essential that your vehicle has a garage of its own. When parking outside, make sure that it is on shaded spots.

Furthermore, letting dirt and grime build on the surface of your vehicle could also deteriorate its paint. Therefore, you should make it a habit to wash your car regularly.

3. Peeled Clear Coating
Your car requires an immediate paint job if you have noticed already that its clear coating is starting to peel off. Specifically, the clear coating is the protective layer applied above the paint. It protects the paint from various elements. If it is starting to peel off, then the paint of your vehicle is good as exposed.

It is important that you inspect the peel and see if it is the paint or clear coat coming out. In this way, you will determine the ideal solution to the issue. But nonetheless, a paint job could solve these problems right away.

4. Rust
One of the obvious signs that you need to repaint your car is when it is littered with rust already. Rust formation should never be treated normally. They are a symptom that your vehicle has deteriorated paint already.

Rust typically happens when the metal of your car is exposed to water and air. Therefore, they can easily happen once rainwater or snow hits your vehicle.

Even if the car paint is still new, this doesn’t mean that your car is already safe from rust. Keep in mind that scratches can expose the metal of your car from the elements. Hence, it is still possible that rust and corrosion will invade your vehicle if you left these scratches untreated. Once there are visible scratches, you need to cover them right away.

5. Dullness
Dullness is different from fading. The paint can become dull, even if it is not yet faded. You’ll know if the paint is already dull if it doesn’t shine anymore even after washing. There’s no luster on the surface that is visibly present back when your vehicle is still new.

One of the reasons why dullness happens is due to the peeling of the clear coating. If the clear coat is stripped away, it leaves the paint on its own. Of course, stand-alone paint will never be shiny at all.

Paint jobs do not only include the actual refurbishing of the paint. One of the processes included in this job is the application of new clear coating so that your vehicle will get a brand-new feel.