How To Minimize Road Accidents

How To Minimize Road Accidents

Traffic accidents are not uncommon these days. Every year, thousands of collisions happen on various streets around the world. Of course, this does not only cause property damage. The number of lives that have been taken by these accidents is already sky-high.

Fortunately, one should know that these crashes can be avoided. They are not something that you can label as inevitable. As a driver or road user, it is proper that you are completely responsible when you are on the road. By doing this, you just don’t protect yourself; you protect others, too.

Here are some of the things that you can follow to ensure that you are far from risk while driving. 

Ways On How To Minimize Road Accidents

1. Drive At Moderate Speeds

When driving, it is important that you have to regulate your speed. As much as possible, don’t accelerate unless you are free to do so. You have to pull in slowly. Always adhere to the “stop, look, and listen” approach. Be mindful of the blindspots, especially those in the rearview mirror.  

Furthermore, when passing an intersection, you have to look at both directions. Look at least twice before you proceed. Some vehicles can appear out of nowhere in an instant. Whenever there’s an intersection, always exercise caution. 

2. Keep An Eye For Red Light Runners

Before you enter an intersection on a green light, make sure that you have to count one to three first. Always check both ways to see if there is a vehicle that is trying to beat the red light. Keep in mind that many accidents happened in the past because of these crazy runners.

Moreover, it would help if you are prudent whenever you are passing semis. Of course, this should be a given. After all, these truck drivers are dealing with large blind spots on their right-hand side. Therefore, you need to be extra careful whenever you are driving side by side with an 18-wheeler truck. The general rule here is that if you can spot the side mirror of the truck, there’s a good chance that the driver doesn’t see you. 

3. Your One Hand Should Stay In The Steering Wheel

The steering wheel should be held by two hands. That’s the appropriate way of driving. When on the road, it is crucial that your focus is on driving and not anything else. 

Today, there are a lot of in-car distractions that could happen. It causes the attention of the driver to be swayed. Examples of these distractions are the following: changing the station of the radio, using smartphones or tablets, and eating momentarily. Doing these things are quite discouraged, especially if you are still driving. You should only do them when you are parked or stuck in traffic. 

If you can’t help but do so, just let one of your hands stay on the steering wheel. Don’t take your eyes from the road for too long. Otherwise, serious accidents could take place. 

4. Watch Out For Kids And Other Animals

Both children and animals have this habit of appearing out of nowhere. They just cross the street without minding the consequences. Numerous road accidents happened because of them, and that’s a sad thing. 

Whenever you are driving in residential neighborhoods, make sure that you drive slowly. It is in these areas where kids pop out from time to time. Regulate your speed and ensure that your feet are ready on the brakes. 

Don’t forget to slow down on pedestrian lanes, too. Once you see one,  try to halt and see if there are incoming people. Wait for them to cross before you head-on. 

5. Perform Engine Maintenance

The safety of your travel heavily relies on the condition of your vehicle. A well-conditioned and maintained car will enable you to reach your destination without any problem. On the flip side, a poorly maintained vehicle is prone to damages. It can break in the middle of the road. As a result, it can become a source of traffic congestion and road hazard. 

Before you drive, make sure that you have checked all the crucial components of your vehicle. Assess if the engine is running correctly. See the oil levels, too. Perform check-ups on the brakes. Don’t forget to clean the mirrors, too. All of these things could contribute to a safe and hassle-free ride.