How To Know If There’s Bridge Collapses Near Me?

The search term “bridge collapses near me” is quite prevalent over the internet. It seems that commuters are interested in knowing if there are bridges that are damaged or under maintenance within their area. 

Of course, despite sounding absurd, bridge collapses do happen. When this incident takes place, massive traffic is guaranteed. After all, it can cause an inevitable stoppage of the flow of vehicles. One destination will be unreachable temporarily, unless if there are alternate routes available. 

It is essential that you know the current condition and status of every bridge that you usually pass. In this way, you will not be caught off guard. You can avoid them successfully and ensure that you will not be trapped in massive traffic congestion. 

Here are some mediums that will notify you for the recent bridge collapses. 

How To Know If There’s A Bridge Collapse Near Me?

A collapse of a bridge is big news. After all, it is not common for this structure to collapse. They were made to be sturdy and durable. Unless they are poorly made or they are old already, they should not suffer deterioration. 

Therefore, when a bridge collapses, the local authority or the state will notify the people about it. It is an incident that will never be ignored, considering the problems that arise after it. 

You can know when a bridge collapse through these following mediums. 

Local News

Every local news in your area will undoubtedly report when a bridge suddenly collapses. The updates come instantaneously as these news outlets have eyes on the ground. Significant events and large incidents like this will always come in their knowledge. Once a bridge falls down, they will immediately provide news and updates regarding it. 

Needless to say, you must be always tuned in to your local TV and radio news stations. Usually, they are the first ones that deliver this particular information. It would really be nice if the built-in radio in your car is always running, so that hear the latest reports. Of course, the news in your local stations is not just about collapsing bridges. You can also hear your must-have traffic news. 

Also, don’t forget that there are specific frequencies in the radio that are used for the emergency alert system. Since a broken bridge can be considered as a pressing concern, there’s a good chance that related government agencies will notify the public about it. 

Traffic Applications

There is a myriad of traffic applications that offer information sharing. One good example of this is Waze. When something happens in the road, Waze users can immediately upload a report in the application. The report will be spread to other drivers. 

If other drivers encountered unwanted traffic incidents (such as a damaged bridge) they can relay it to their fellow commuters. Such a system enables the collective distribution of information. 

In fact, drivers nowadays are encouraged to download at least one traffic app on their mobile phones. They can assist road users on how to avoid traffic, create alternative routes, and find the shortest path to a particular destination. More than that, these apps ensure that you remain updated on the latest traffic reports. 


  • Since these traffic applications are on your phone, it is better that you use them in moderation. If possible, you should use the voice feature of these applications so that you avoid looking at your phone from time to time.

Social Media

You have to know that some social media platforms that deliver traffic reports. They are your perfect venues if you want to know the latest news about the traffic conditions in your area. 

An excellent example of this is Twitter. There are a plethora of pages on Twitter that posts traffic news and situations for specific places. Commonly, these outlets are operating in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. But certainly, there should be a Twitter page that delivers traffic news in your area.

When there is a notable event in the street, these Twitter pages will post tweets about them. A short but concise report is more than enough for commuters to know what’s happening in an area. Of course, when a bridge becomes dysfunctional out of nowhere, you can expect reports about them. 

These are some of the mediums that can inform you if there’s a bridge collapse near you. It is crucial that you can have access to any of these platforms so that you will never be blindsided at all.