How To Avoid Big City Traffic Jams 

How to avoid big city traffic jams?

While this question might appear trivial, knowing the answer to it can make a huge difference. Traffic, after all, is a modern crisis that still waits for a solution. If you fail to avoid it, your entire schedule for the day would be in peril. It can make you late in your work, miss appointments, and even drop important states.

Of course, traffic is a prevalent problem in big cities such as metropolitan areas. The number of vehicles that pass through the streets of these expansive conurbations can really cause congestion. Avoiding these vehicular build-ups might sound impossible at first. However, such a feat is actually doable.

Learn all the best-kept secrets that will help you escape the bumper-to-bumper. 

Ways To Avoid Big City Traffic

Method #1: Stay Out From High Traffic Locations

Obviously, the best way to avoid traffic is by avoiding those common hotspots of vehicles. During rush hours, these areas tend to become an open venue for spontaneous and continuous arrival of vehicles. 

However, there are instances where traffic happens on a particular road or junction that is not prone to vehicular congestion. If you are unaware that there is a jam on the route you want to take, you will be put in a taxing situation. 

Fortunately, there are ways to know the current situations in the routes that you want to take. Here are some of them.

Download Traffic Apps

Your smartphone is quite compatible with intuitive mobile applications that are designed to help drivers and commuters beat traffic. Apps like Waze, INTRIX, and Google Maps are among those that you can download on your phone. 

When you have these apps, you will get updated on the latest traffic situations in your area. These systems are using GPS and other monitoring mechanisms to ensure that you receive all the real-time traffic updates. They can provide you with user-friendly visuals so that you can identify which location is studded with vehicles and which lanes are free. 

By having these apps, you can easily plan your trip. With them, you can draw all the possible alternative routes so that you can avoid that nasty traffic.

Get Traffic Reports

A majority of the traffic apps that you can download on your smartphone doesn’t include live traffic reports. They just serve as a guide so that you can identify all the bad routes for driving. 

Live reports are still important. You should keep an eye to them before you drive. Try switching to your news stations in your radio or television. Most of these platforms deliver real-time traffic reports. All the road closures, vehicular accidents, and other related traffic incidents are reported there. 

If there’s a piece of new information broadcasted, integrate it in your traffic plan. Based on it, you should be able to create a more foolproof alternative route so that you can have a smooth drive to your destination. 

Familiarize All The Routes

It is quite challenging to familiarize all the streets and passages in a big city. They tend to intertwine and intersect. If you are new to the area, it will take time before you can have a good picture of them. 

But of course, there’s a need for you to do this. By doing so, it would be easier for you to make a number of contingency plans. The more alternative routes you have, the more options you have to escape traffic. It is just a simple method, but during tough and clutch situations, it will really help you out. 

Tip #2: Implement A New Driving Schedule

Heavy traffic is not always 24 hours. In some parts of the day, the streets would be spacious and conducive for driving. Traffic happens when vehicles get on the road at the same time. And surely, this situation happens during hours where people have to leave or go to work and school.

It is best that you can avoid rush hours if you don’t want to deal with a horrifying traffic situation. Just adjust your schedule. Try to move things a little earlier or later. If you can do this, there’s a good chance that you can dodge rush hours. And by doing so, you are dodging traffic as well. 

During the vacant period, you can consume your time by reading books, studying, or do those errands that have been tasked to you. Make your time productive so that you’ll never see it as a waste.

These are some of the effective methods to avoid traffic jams in metropolitans and big cities. They are all simple but downright effective!