Ford Truck Convertible Roof Patent – What To Expect?

Ford Truck Convertible Roof Patent – What To Expect?

Just recently, Ford made a patent application for a particular convertible roof system. In doing so, Ford elevated the potential of its truck to compete with the highly-rated Jeep Gladiator, which has been taking the drop-top market by storm. 

The submission of the patent, which had been made known publicly last Thursday, was seen first by Ford Authority. In the patent, a simple design of a removable hard-top mechanism has been indicated. The hard-top features two clips that hold its panel to its windshield surround. Another two more clips are also used in connecting the top to the cab through the lower portion of the bed line. 

This particular mechanism of interest can only be operated if you have already undone the clasps over the truck’s windshield bracket. The latter, in turn, would flip back to the rear panel but without the clips anymore. 

Meanwhile, there is a fixed structure that can be seen on the trailing edge of the back doors of the vehicle. Moreover, it is noticeable that the area where the rear window and rooftop meets is sitting over the said structure. It has been speculated that such a component will act as an extension to the entire truck. According to Ford, the design is only a prototype or a potential setup for the final implementation. The manufacturer indicated that this setup could still be redesigned to accommodate a variety of modifications and customizations.


It has been revealed by Ford as well that their patented roof panel could be manufactured by either of the following materials: composite, plastic, and metal. Interestingly, the roof panel can be integrated with a rear sliding window, which is a pretty cool thing. After all, it is a reminiscent design to the mechanism of the harp tops of Jeep trucks–specifically the Gladiator and Wrangler models. 

The hype of this patent is quite understandable. You have to realize that the highly anticipated Ford Bronco will be rolled in the market for upcoming months. It is expected that this design will be integrated into the Ford Bronco. If it will be, then this Ford series is something worth watching for. Ford enthusiasts see this design as a revival of the traditional 4×4 trucks, which is clearly not a wrong assumption. 

There is also a patent that indicates that the upcoming Ford Bronco will feature a myriad of removable trick doors. However, you can guarantee that the truck will still have to maintain its classic frame and body. 

The very idea of this patent from Ford stems from the concept that this particular manufacturer wants its vehicles to be user-friendly at all times. It is for that reason why it has included a removable panel that offers simple installation. You can detach and install it without the need for tools. 

Noticeably, this latest patent of Ford that the roof has a self-aligning mounting system. This particular mechanism enables the roof panel can be on and off the vehicle through “physically operating only the latching assemblies.” Of course, in layman’s terms, that means that the roof panel can be removed by a single person. Such a capability is almost unheard of. And if it comes into life, then the patent is indeed a success. 

Furthermore, Ford has made a claim that the system that they used on the roof panel is applicable to other vehicles as well. Such of these are vans, sport utility vehicles, and cars. As long as they are compatible with a roof assembly setup, then this roof panel design is entirely usable. 

Of course, we still have to realize that these patents do not serve as a final layout of a particular vehicle. They are still subject to changes, depending on the cost, demand, and other factors that these manufacturers have to be considered. Ford may be just published this patent to make it known that their next trucks will have features and designs that can rival their strongest competitors. 

Anyone can say that right now, Ford exploring different ideas that would make their trucks and SUVs extremely versatile and functional. The installation of removable doors and roofs are just among the concepts that they are toying still. We already know how Ford works. Once it states that it will release something amazing, then it will come commercially. 

But as of now, people have a certain level of guarantee that the folding rooftop for the Ford Bronco is already final.