Where To Find The Safest Child Car Seats (And Other Things You Need To Know)

Where To Find The Safest Child Car Seats (And Other Things You Need To Know)

Bringing your child or baby to your car can a little bit of a challenge. After all, regular car seats don’t work for their safety and convenience. It is completely essential that you can give them the right car seats. Otherwise, you’ll compromise their security. 

In various reports, it is said that thousands of small children are killed or injured every year because of these car crashes. Although it is true that car seats are not amenities that can prevent your kid from harm, they can still make a difference, especially during life-threatening situations.

Right now, it is essential to know where to find the safest child car seats. This particular knowledge alone can save you from a lot of trouble. Your local malls could provide them for you. Online shops and retailers have them as well. The most important thing right now is that you can find reputable reviews of various child car seats in the market. You should realize that there are a plethora of child car seats in the market today. They make the selection process difficult. 

With these reviews, you can find out if a particular child car seat is good for your little one or not. However, reading or watching reviews are not sufficient. The best wat to ensure the quality of a child car seat is by checking them by yourself. Inspect all the components and see if it comes with the essential ergonomics that keep your child safe. 

Here are some basic guidelines that you need to know when choosing the best car seat for your child.

Types of Car Seat

Not all car seats for children are the same. There are different specifications when it comes to this particular amenity. Check the guideline below.

  • Infants and Toddlers – The car seat should be rear-facing only. You can also opt for rear-facing convertible units. It is essential that toddlers must only ride on a rear-facing seat until such time that they are heavier or taller than the prescribed weight and height limit of an infant car seat. Most of the convertible car seats can accommodate infants and toddlers of up to two years old.
  • Toddlers and Preschoolers – The car seat should be forward-facing convertible. Alternatively, those forward-facing seats with a harness can work, too. Children that are already big enough to get out of a rear-facing seat should get these car seats already. They can be used for as long as possible. Until such time your child reaches the weight and height limit of the car seat, then you can use it. The average forward-facings seats can carry up to 65 pounds of weight.
  • School-Aged Children – Is your child big enough to go to school? Then you should let them sit on a booster. Belt-positioning boosters work best for children that have outgrown forward-facing seats. They can be used until a time when the seat belts of your car can fit their bodies already. Typically, a child that has reached the height of 4 feet and 9 inches can already use the seat belts of your car. Also, it is essential that children below 13 years old should only ride in the backseat of your vehicle.

Installation Guidelines

Many modern vehicles today can accommodate these care safety seats. It can be done through the use of the seat belt of your car or through the LATCH system (lower anchors and tethers for children). The LATCH system is the one that is used as an attachment for children seats. These lower anchors can be used as a replacement for seat belts in the installation process. Many parents find the LATCH system a lot easier to use compared to the standard seat belts.

Meanwhile, the top tether of the LATCH system maximizes the safety that the seat can provide to your vehicle. It is also an important component for every forward-facing seats out there. Keep in mind that these LATCH systems and seat belt systems are equally safe. You can use them at the same time, too. However, you should not do so unless it is allowed by the manufacturer of the seat.

Cars that have the LATCH system have these lower anchors that you can find on the back of the seat. Specifically, it is in the area where the cushions of the seat meet.

Meanwhile, tether anchors are placed behind the seat. You just need to check it by yourself because vehicles have different setup when it comes to the tether anchors. Keep in mind that forward-facing car seats include tether attachments. If there’s none, you should not get it. 

Lower anchors of most modern vehicles have a maximum weight of 65 pounds. That weight specification already includes the weight of the seat and the passenger. But of course, it is still necessary that you check the specification of your seats.