7 Tools That Every Car Owner Should Have

Your car is your responsibility. Whenever you are driving, you have to expect the unexpected. 

During times of sudden damages or errors in your vehicle, it is up to you to respond to them. Otherwise, you will have to wait for rescue to come and aid you. Of course, their services are not always available. In this era of the pandemic, the operations of these services providers were limited. 

Hence, you need to drill in your head the importance of being properly equipped. But don’t fret yet. You can still resolve any road problems that you can encounter with the use of these following tools. 

Life Hammer

This one is considerably small. But believe it or not, it has saved many lives already.

A life hammer has two major functions. First, it can be used to smash the window of the car whenever you are stuck inside, and you need to escape immediately (i.e., such as if the car you are driving falls into a lake or river). 

Second, you can use a life hammer to severe your seat belt whenever there’s a life or death situation. 

This particular hammer has a pin that is quite visible even if it is dark. You can find it easily. But for quick access, just put it somewhere near the driver seat. 

Jack and Jack Stands

Flat tires are annoying. But they should be resolved quickly, so that you can continue driving and avoid unwanted accidents. You can’t do this without the help of external tools. For this job, you need the help of jack and jack stands. 

These particular tools will help you raise your vehicle above the ground so that you can replace or repair a damaged tire. High-quality jacks are recommended at this point. Investing in them is essential so that you will not end up dealing with flimsy units that get broken whenever they lift a heavy car.

Screwdriver and Socket Sets

The internal parts of your vehicle are composed of different tiny parts called bolts and nuts. They are there to keep things together and prevent them from dislodging.

When repairing or checking your vehicle, there’s a need for you to remove or tighten them. You can easily do these tasks if you have screwdrivers and sockets. Keep in mind that there are numerous types and sizes for these tools. You will need to get them all to ensure that you will not be empty-handed. 

Don’t worry, though. Screwdriver and socket sets are not that expensive. You can get them at a reasonable price.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Another thing that you need to get is a tire pressure gauge. Keep in mind that the pressure of your tires is extremely essential to ensure that they can function optimally and keep you away from skidding uncontrollably. 

To prevent your tires from being flat, the right pressure is a must. Therefore, monitoring it continually is your responsibility. Fortunately, you don’t need to become an automotive expert before you can do this. Just get a digital tire pressure gauge. It is costlier than standard pressure gauges. But at the same time, they are easy to use and extremely accurate. 

Tire Sealer

It is also essential that your toolbox includes a tire sealer. You can’t actually deal with a damaged tire if you have nothing to repair them. These sealers go inside the tire. There, they find the area with the issue and create enough pressure to prevent the tire from deflating. 

Certainly, tire sealers are just a temporary solution. There’s still a need for you to repair or replace the damaged tire.

Magnet Set And Telescopic Mirror 

Some of the parts of a car’s engine are hidden in plain sight. Unless you don’t have a telescopic mirror, you will not be able to spot them. Hence, spotting the potential issues will become a difficult process. 

The magnet, on the other hand, is the one that will collect the bolts, screws, and nuts. These parts are small and placed in hard-to-reach areas; accessing them with your bare hands is not possible. 

Jumper Cables

It is also essential that your vehicle is equipped with jumper cables. They play a crucial role during moments when the battery of your car suddenly went dead. With these jumper cables, it is entirely possible to revive your vehicle. 

Of course, you need the help of another running vehicle so that you do the jumping. You got to make sure that you know how to use the cables. It is proper that you take caution here, too, so that you’ll not get electrocuted.