7 Tips For Driving In The Desert

It is undeniable that road trips are fun, especially if you are going to take the roads less taken. Deserts are among them, and it is pretty exciting to think that you will be able to let your wheels traverse this alien world. 

But of course, there are necessary things that you need to consider when driving to the desert. One way or another, deserts can be adverse. The temperature in these regions can become scorching hot. Without proper preparations, you might experience discomfort and troubles in the middle of the journey. 

Here are some of the driving tips that you should follow if ever you are planning to take on the barren lands. 

Bring A Lot Of Water

Sure enough, water is not related to driving. But it becomes a matter of importance if you are going to drive on scorched lands. The heat in the desert can cause you to dehydrate faster than usual. Of course, that’s dangerous since it can cause you to faint while on the steering wheel. 

Therefore, it is prudent that you bring as much water as you can. It would also be great if you have energy drinks and juices stashed in a cooler. In this way, you can replenish anytime needed. 

Ensure The AC Of Your Vehicle Is Running

There’s no way that you want to drive in the middle of a desert without ample temperature control. It is crucial that the air conditioning of your vehicle is running at an optimal level to ensure that the heat will not get you. 

Deserts are notorious for extreme temperatures. You cannot take this one lightly. In fact, you might need to crank the AC at full throughout the journey. 

Keep Your Gas Full 

One of the most horrible things that can happen to you is to get stuck in the middle of a desert. This situation is not far-fetched, as many drivers have experienced them in the past already. 

Now, there are several reasons as to why drivers get stranded in the desert. One of them is running out of gas. They simply found out that they no longer have enough fuel to traverse the land. 

You don’t want to suffer the same thing. Before you drive, make sure that your gas tank is full. Aside from that, you got to bring an extra gallon of fuel just in case something went wrong along the way. 


Conduct Battery Check-Up

Another scary thing that you could encounter in the desert is a dead car battery. It is equally horrifying as to running out of gas. When your car’s battery is dead, resuscitating it would be a difficult task. You cannot just jumpstart it, especially if there are no other vehicles in the vicinity. 

Hence, it is a prudent move to inspect the condition of your vehicle’s battery before you drive in the desert. Have a mechanic check it to see if there are issues that needed to be addressed. If possible, get a new one to ensure that you will encounter this perilous situation. 

Inspect The Tires

Even if you are not driving in the desert, it is important that you can check the condition of your tires. Who knows? Your current tires might be deteriorating already. If that’s the case, then you should replace it with new ones. Or have a mechanic check it so that you can identify if your tires can still take a beating. 

Keep in mind that desert roads can be unforgiving. It is essential that your wheels can handle this adversity. 

Save Emergency Numbers

Aside from putting your phone in full charge, it is crucial as well that you have the essential emergency numbers saved. Include in the list your insurance company, as they can send rescue vehicles if you suddenly ran out of fuel. Of course, don’t forget the primary contacts: fire station, police, and EMS. 

Invest On Satellite Phones

When driving in areas where there is no cellular signal, it is vital that you have other means of communicating with people. The best guy that can do this job is a satellite phone. They don’t rely on cell towers but in satellites, instead, for picking up signals. 

You can easily ask for help as long as you have a satellite phone with you. During moments of distress, many survivalists and experts say that this phone is beneficial.