6 Ways A Driver’s License Can Get Suspended In United States

There are several evident ways of how you can suspend your license. If it is your intention to do this (which is something outrageous, by the way), you simply have to get caught driving under the influence of alcohol. You can also drive recklessly and let other drivers report you. Another means of suspending one’s license is by driving without vehicle insurance. 

However, one should know that there are numerous ways that someone’s license gets suspended or revoked. In fact, some of these are non-driving offences. Of course, these rules vary from state to state. However, you have to realize that your driver’s license is something that is fragile. If you are not careful with it, you’ll lose it. 

Here are some of the violations that can get your driver’s license suspended. 

Ways A Driver’s License Can Get Suspended

Not Paying Child Support

One of the means that someone’s license can get suspended is by not paying the proper child support. Every state and region has their own timing and amount. You need to follow these policies so that you’ll not be sanctioned as a delinquent. 

Fortunately, your driver’s license won’t get suspended immediately. The state will give you a prior notice so that you can make up with the situation. If you do not comply with this, expect that your license will get suspended. However, in some states, people are given temporary licenses so that they can still travel to provide adequate child support, especially if the physical distance is a factor. 

Caught In Possession Of Alcohol (And You Are Not In The Legal Age)

The legal drinking age in the United States is 21. Meanwhile, the legal age of driving is 18. Hence, if you are caught in possession of alcohol while still under the legal age of drinking, your license can get suspended. Pretty surprising, right? You can meet the same repercussions whenever you are caught smoking cigarettes or tobacco. 

Most states implement this policy, so you might want to be careful about what you stuff on your car or truck. The suspension can range from two months to a year, depending on where you are living or the severity of the offense. 

Committing Illegal Things With The Driver’s License

This sounds vague, but it is quite simple and easy to understand. First thing first: you should never use a fake or counterfeit driver’s license. If you get caught doing that, your authentic driver’s license will be automatically revoked. Moreover, you must never misinterpret the information that is indicated in the license.

It would really be prudent on your part if you will not share your driver’s license with other drivers or any individual so that they can do some stuff (i.e., go to the club or do underage drinking or smoking). 

There are more atrocious means of illegally using a license, such as committing fraudulent acts.


Drug Offense

This one should be obvious, but it has to be highlighted. 

Whenever you are caught in the possession or influence of illegal drugs, your license is in extreme jeopardy. It will not get suspended. There’s a good chance that it will be nullified, too, especially if you have caused a car crash or vehicular accidents. 

It would really be best to avoid using illegal drugs to prevent these unlikely cases from happening. Of course, the thought of being incarcerated is something that you don’t want to happen, right? 

Skipping Your Student Loans

Student loans are quite cumbersome. They are considered as lifetime debts that do not easily go off. The average student loan debt in the United States is roughly $35,000 per student. By all means, this is no small amount. Sure enough, the idea of escaping this loan is alluring. But you should never do that at all. 

Intentionally avoiding student loans could lead to the DMV suspension. Many states apply this particular policy, so you have to deal with the loan. It is better than losing your driver’s license and becoming a loan fugitive. 

Dropping From School

Interestingly, there are states–such as Florida–that penalize students if they have records of truancy. One of the punishments is the immediate suspension of the driver’s license of anyone that is under 18 if he or she has been absent in school for more than 15 days without proper notice.

If you need the motivation to go to school, just think of your driver’s license. That will keep you on the right track.