6 Best Podcasts To Listen To On Your Way To Work 

Commuting to work is quite a regular occurrence. After all, there are no modern means for us to get to our workplace instantly–unless if you have some teleportation device or something. 

Kidding aside, we all know that driving or commuting can be stressful. Things like traffic can even make a short trip taxing. Fortunately, there are ways on how to veer away your attention to these unlikely factors. One of them is by listening to exceptional podcasts. While you are driving or traveling, these podcasts will feed your mind with useful stuff. Of course, they are perfect in killing time and suppressing your agitation if there’s heavy traffic. 

Here are some podcasts that should give your journey an extra boost of learning and fun.

Best Podcasts To Listen To On Your Way To Work 

1. Manager Tools

If you want to be ahead of the game, you should try listening to the Manager Tools podcast. This one features a congregation of highly successful managers all over the world. From time to time, different managers talk about their methods and schemes in operating businesses and handling personnel. It is a podcast that can help anyone make their companies resilient against the volatile tides of the economy.

2. Fresh Air

One of the most popular podcasts that you can listen to is Fresh Air. It is well-beloved by many because it injects a lot of optimism and bright ideas to the mind. All of the talks and discussions here are conducted by some of the industry’s most successful and innovative people. The lead host, Terry Gross, always keeps things fresh and exciting. He interviews a myriad of exceptional luminaries. Each of the podcast lasts for around 50 minutes. That’s more than enough to cover your traveling time.

3. Note To Self

The Note To Self is a far cry from the conventional podcasts. It is a unique and refreshing platform that discusses the effects of modern devices in our daily lives. Manoush Zomorodi, the host of the podcast, delves into the underlying issues of technology that are rarely talked about. After listening to a single episode of this podcast, you will realize that our march towards advancement and modernization have heavy implications. Driving or commuting with this podcast is surely a suitable venue for enlightenment.

4. The Limit Does Not Exist

Sometimes, having a big mindset is necessary to survive your job. In other cases, you need to innovate and go beyond your comfort zone so that you can bring out your full potential. If you want a podcast that can help in either of these needs, the Limit Does Not Exist is perfect for you. This one is created and hosted by Cate Scott Campbell and Christina Wallace. These two extraordinary folks try to amalgamate various fields of knowledge and creativity to develop a person’s capability. This podcast is a surefire method to get your day brim with confidence. 

5. Grammar Girl: Quick And Dirty Tips

Improving your writing skills is not a bad idea. In fact, it is a necessary task that you have to accomplish. Right now, many jobs will require you to create letters and documents. If you are poor writing skills, you might not get your desired promotion and recognition. The Grammar Girl in Apple Podcast is something that can help you address the inconsistencies in your writing. It can help you identify and correct your grammar mistakes, and make sure that you will never get mortified again. This podcast is extremely useful to anyone!

6. How I Built This

There are a lot of instances where we dream that we become the boss of our company. Well, fortunately, that’s not a far-fetched idea. One way or another, there’s a strong possibility that you can build your empire. The podcast “How I Built This” is a guide on how you can achieve such a seemingly impossible feat. Well, the podcast does not really offer a blueprint on how to build successful companies. Instead, it gives you a daily dose of inspiration and motivation so that you can keep your dreams alive. 

These are some of the podcasts that you should listen to while you are heading to your workplace. Aside from giving you a healthy dose of knowledge, ideas, and innovations, these podcasts can also help in alleviating the potential strains that can be induced by traffic. There’s nothing wrong if you are going to listen to them every day!