5 Sites And Apps Where You Can Find The Latest Traffic Reports

Where to find the latest traffic reports?


If you are a driver, you need to be concerned about this matter. One way or another, you have to realize that traffic congestion and vehicular accidents may happen suddenly. Being unaware of them is like permitting that you are willing to get stranded or delayed.


Part of the essential driver’s education is playing it smart. Awareness of every traffic situation is vital for your safety and convenience. If there are alternative routes out there with minimal burden, take that path. There’s no point in dealing with a heavy vehicle crowd lining up to pass a particular junction.


At this point, traffic reports are genuinely essential. With them, you know what’s happening to a particular lane even if you are not there. They can help you plan your travel before you hit the road.


Below are some of the good sources where you can get the needed traffic news and updates.

Sites and Apps That Can Help You Find The Latest Traffic Reports

1. Waze

Waze is the bible of traffic reports. Because of its comprehensive database, the app can give you all the needed traffic reports within your vicinity. It can warn you of obstructions and congestions from a distance. It also allows drivers to communicate and exchange information.


Waze is not a traffic new site. But definitely, all the updates you get here are accurate. With Waze, you are free to change routes whenever it is necessary. After all, it can give multiple directions per destination you are heading. You can always trust its GPS navigation.

2. Sigalert

If you are living in the United States, I do recommend that you check out the website Sigalert. It is a simple yet effective platform that delivers all the traffic situation that is taking place within your vicinity.


Specifically, the site provides a map similar to Google Maps. However, in this platform, it only highlights all the streets and major thoroughfares. These roads have different colors which indicate their level of traffic congestion. Green means a free road while yellow and red means that traffic is already building up. Real-time pictures of different routes are being posted on this site.


3. HERE We Go

The HERE We Go is an extensive map collection of various routes and highways all over the world. You can access this platform via its website or an app, which you can download on your Android or iOS devices.


The key advantage of HERE We Go when it comes to delivering traffic reports is its promptness. It provides real-time traffic situation updates wherever you are. It also includes a myriad of indicators on its maps so that you know if there are road constructions and lane restrictions. With these features, HERE We Go can undoubtedly find the best routes to travel by encountering too much traffic.

4. The Automobile Association Traffic News

The Automobile Association Traffic News is a reliable source of information when it comes to traffic news and updates. It conducts constant monitoring of all major routes and highways of different countries and all over the world.


This website will give you an idea of which path to take based on the on-going traffic situations. It has a navigation tool where you can check if there are road closures, congestion, vehicular incidents, and road construction that are happening on the routes that you are planning to take.


All the information being posted on this site is updated regularly and with minimum intervals. It will warn you of developing incidents near you.

5. GPS Navigation & Maps – Scout

One great alternative for Waze is the GPS Navigation & Maps app by Scout. This one is a premium traffic app that can be downloaded for free in different operating systems. It includes maps of different countries that can be accessed even if you are offline. It also includes comprehensive traffic reports and accurate pedestrian navigation.


The accuracy of this app when it comes to providing alternative routes is pretty impressive. It always gives the exact situation that is happening on a particular road. It can provide reports on vehicular accidents, road closures, and detours. Furthermore, it can also help you plan your travel wherever you are. Due to its simple interface, using this traffic app is not cumbersome.


These are some of the top sources of reliable traffic reports these days. With them, you will be able to avoid cumbersome delays whenever you are driving. The information they provide is seamless and prompt. They can alert you with on-going developments so that you can plan your travel better. Before you start your vehicle, make sure that you consulted these traffic report apps and websites.