5 Common Types Of Road Hazards That You Might Encounter Unexpectedly

There are different road hazards out there. Drivers have to be aware of them so that they will be able to deal with them accordingly. Of course, these dangers may appear out of nowhere. Therefore, it is crucial that anyone behind the wheel should practice driving defensively. 

Here are some of those hazards that you might encounter while you are driving.

Rain After A Long Dry Period

In particularly dry areas, rain can become a severe danger for drivers. While it is true that rain can be normal, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pose any threat, especially after a dry spell.

Keep in mind that the heat of the sun can toast or bake the grease, oil, and grime that are accumulated in the surface of the road. One it rains, these contaminants will become slimy, which results in the road becoming slippery. Of course, such a situation would become a challenge to the overall stability of your driving. 

To avoid this problem, you should simply have to slow down whenever it rains. It is a skill that you practice every time there’s a downpour. If you don’t want to experience skidding uncontrollably, then you should decrease your speed. It would be best if you can check the pressure and tread of your tire. 

Animals And Wildlife

Driving requires full attention to the road. Aside from humans and other inanimate objects, you should also pay attention to the possible creatures that would appear in the vicinity out of nowhere. 

The difference between animals and humans is that they are not cautious when they are on the road. They can simply walk on a highway with speeding cars. They simply don’t care, and that’s the issue here. Of course, we should be prudent enough not to harm them. Hence, it is essential that we control our speed whenever encountering them. 

Of course, you need to drive slower, too, on areas that are inhabited by wildlife. We should respect them and should never attempt to deliberately harm them. Also, keep in mind that hitting huge animals, such as a buffalo, will never just harm your guilt. It will also damage your vehicle. 


Drivers have to realize that their biggest enemy is themselves. A reckless driver will encounter more hazards and accidents than those that are driving safely. In the same manner, those who are prudent and responsible are less prone to vehicular crashes. It is a give-and-take predicament that you should understand. 

Driving while stressed, perplexed, and weary is not a sign of being responsible. Doing any of these things will put your life in grave danger. Keep in mind that restless driving further heightens the chance of crashing by up to third. 

The reasons are pretty obvious. If you are sleepy, there’s a difficulty for you to concentrate and pay attention to the road. If you are stressed, you can immediately lose your cool during heated situations, which, in turn, can put you into difficult situations. Road rages are common these days, after all. 

Fortunately, countering these problems is pretty easy. You simply have to rest. Sleep adequately during the night. Eat the proper food, too. If you are stressed, have a breather. Do the things that relax you the most. 

Tire Blowout

Again, the problem that you need to be wary about lies on the tires of your vehicle. It is not a new thing already when we cars bust their tires open. Tires blow when there’s little pressure on them. In fact, little pressure is more perilous than having excess pressure in the tire. 

When your tire has not been pumped with enough air, its elastic limits will be reached. It can cause the rubber to heat excessively, which in turn, strips off its bond between the steel cord reinforcement and internal fabric. 

The solution to this problem is pretty simple. You just have to conduct regular maintenance to the tires of your vehicle. If there are damages, have a mechanic to repair it right away. If possible, have it replaced.


One of the dangers of fogging is that they block your view. If there’s minimal visibility on the road, chances are, you will get into an accident. It is challenging to drive in these conditions. Even an experienced driver will have trouble navigating the streets if there are thick clouds of fog blocking it. 

As much as possible, you should hinder yourself from driving once the road is notably foggy. It will keep you safe from vehicular crashes due to poor road visibility. At this point, prevention is indeed better than cure.