5 Best Twitter Traffic Feeds That Deserve A Retweet!

Twitter is one of the most convenient platforms for getting information. It provides various news feeds for every matter or issue that you want to learn. In fact, many news outlets have their own Twitter feed. It allows them to deliver constant and real-time updates to their readers and followers. 

It is for this reason why Twitter is a great venue to find live traffic reports. Because of the simplicity and promptness of its template, Twitter became an excellent mode of delivering the most important traffic information. It is not surprising anymore that a lot of Twitter traffic feeds are already increasing these days. Of course, it is difficult to discredit them because they are as legitimate as those that have been published by large news outlets.

Here are some examples of traffic news feeds that you can find on Twitter. If you want to know the latest updates on the traffic situation in your area, you should check out any of these live feeds.

Top Twitter Traffic Feeds In The World

1. ATS Traffic (@atstraffic)

The ATS Traffic is a Canadian-based traffic news feed. If you are living in this region, you should hit the follow button on this page. It is a comprehensive network that informs the latest updates regarding the various streets and highways in Canada. All the on-going developments regarding road accidents and detours are being posted on the site. It is as impressive as what it claims. 

Furthermore, the ATS Traffic is not only just a live feed of traffic news. From time to time, it publishes developmental stories regarding the construction of new roads, railways, and other transport mediums. 

2. Kent Live Traffic Travel (@KentTraffic)

Kent Live Traffic Travel is one of the most trusted traffic feeds on Twitter. This one focuses on the country of Kent, England. It has a lot of followers which signifies that this news feed provides accurate information. This platform generates regular tweets. If there are significant incidents that should be reported, Kent Live Traffic Travel releases more than three updates in a minute.

All the updates generated by this site are extensive and well detailed. It covers almost all roads and thoroughfares in the county. From traffic congestion down to sudden road closures, all are being monitored by this page. 

3. Highways England (@HighwaysSEAST)

If you are driving on the roads of England, I do suggest that you subscribe and follow on the Highways England. It is a Twitter page that delivers complete traffic updates and reports on all areas of England. You will be impressed by how dedicated this site. It reports everything that it sees on the road–even those minor inconveniences cause a delay on the movement of vehicles. 

You can say that the Highways England works like your eye in the sky. Every piece of information that can help you plan your trip better can be seen here. Furthermore, this page is almost active throughout the day. From sunup to sundown, you can expect that it will give you real-time traffic reports.

4. Live Drive (@LiveDrive)

Another exceptionally prompt and responsive Twitter traffic feed is the Live Drive. This one is based on the area of Dublin, Ireland. Interestingly, this page is directly managed by Dublin’s Council of Traffic Management Centre. Therefore, when it comes to the accuracy of the information, there’s no doubt about this one. All the reports and updates that it publishes are all reliable. It has verified and trusted sources for its traffic reports. 

Most of the commuters in Dublin that have Twitter accounts followed this page. When this article was written, the page has already 90.3K followers. Of course, it cements the fact that it became a user-friendly platform for those commuters in Dublin. 

5. Netstar Traffic (@netstartraffic)

Netstar Traffic is one of the most massive traffic news feeds on Twitter. It has coverage that encompasses the entire South African continent, after all. This page has a stream of regular tweets regarding the relevant traffic reports. It operates 24 hours, too, which makes it a comprehensive traffic news site. Both major and minor traffic incidents are being reported on this Twitter page. 

Just like other traffic newsfeeds on Twitter, the Netstar Traffic also post actual photos of various road situations. As long as there are available sources, the traffic updates of Netstar come with pictures so that people can have a better grasp of the real ground scenario. Moreover, Netstar Traffic also provides alternative routes if there are road closures and detours.