5 Best Traffic Maps To Avoid Gridlocks On The Road

Having the best traffic maps is a huge advantage for any drivers and road users. Although it is a simple amenity, it is a powerful tool that can help you avoid traffic and reach your destination faster.


Of course, I know that all of you dread traffic congestions and massive lane build-up. Getting stuck with them can already spell disaster, especially if you have some appointments and schedules to catch on.


The service of a traffic map can assist people in finding the right routes that are free from impediments. Drivers should consider them to optimize their travel time and fuel mileage.


For those who are curious, the following are the best platforms where you can get a decent map for traffic navigation within your locality. Check them out now!

5 Best Traffic Maps That Your Device Should Have

1. Google Maps

There’s no arguing that Google Maps is a tested-and-proven map proven application for map creation and delivery. It is the one that pioneered digital mapping through satellite images. In fact, many traffic apps out there anchor their maps in Google Maps.


Not known to the knowledge of many, Google Maps also provide extensive traffic maps. These maps contain essential information that you need such as the severity of the traffic condition. It can also offer alternative routes if it detects closures or detours. Furthermore, Google Maps is capable of saving locations where you are frequently going. Offline access to the maps of this application is entirely possible.

2. Maps for iOS Users

Apple devices have their built-in map that can be used for traffic navigation. Maps always come as a default program of iPhones and various iOS gadgets. Therefore, if you have any of these devices, you might need to download other applications anymore.


The Maps provide highly-detailed maps of any region in the world. You can zoom them in and see all the conditions that are taking place there, including the weather. Numerous information cards are present so that you can fully find the exact details that you are looking for.

3. Sygic

Sygic is a mobile application that offers basic traffic navigation features. It comes with the typical search and directional functions. This app is using accurate GPS services to ensure that its map doesn’t have any irregularities. It can also generate real-time updates on traffic conditions.


Interestingly, Sygic is capable of real-time viewing of maps. With this app, you can actually see what’s happening in a particular junction as of the moment. It is a great feature that can help you assess if taking a particular route is a wise decision.


Although Sygic is free to download, most of its premium features require payment. Fortunately, you can only pay for the service that you want. But still, its price is something that you might want to consider.

4. Waze

Waze is already a property of Google, which makes it more integral and comprehensive. All of the databases of Google Maps have been included in the system of Waze. Compared to the previous versions of this app, the one that we have right now is more powerful in providing accurate and well-detailed traffic maps.


The traffic maps of Waze is something that every driver will desire. It has inputs for road hazards, traffic accidents, road closures and construction, and others. It also features calendar synchronization that allows you to plan your travel based on your scheduled appointments and events.


Because of the voice control in Waze, drivers will have a better chance of hands-free navigation. You don’t actually need to see the map to know where you should go and turn.


Another application that has a rich traffic map database is INRIX. It can generate thousands of traffic maps of different areas in the world. It also provides alert functions if it detects traffic jams and even bad weather. Furthermore, it works like a real map because it can help you where to find a functional and available parking space. That’s pretty decent to me.


The data used by INRIX are crowd-sourced. This means that it allows its users to submit reports to the system so that other drivers and commuters will be notified immediately. It is an excellent way of delivering real-time information without the need to turn on your radio or TV. Of course, it can also generate the best alternative routes based on the traffic situation within your vicinity.


With these traffic maps, you will be able to navigate your roads better. They can help you plan your travel and ensure that there’s a minimal chance for you to encounter traffic. And just like the traditional maps, these digitally-formatted maps keep you from being lost!