5 Best Traffic Alert Sites Every Driver Should Use

There’s something about traffic conditions that make them so unnerving. Once you are stuck in one, you’ll find yourself frustrated and agitated. In fact, many negative feelings can steam out of your system just because you are in the middle of heavy vehicular congestion.

Fortunately, you can always avoid traffic these days. Even before you hit a long and winding stream of cars and trucks, some assistive tools can help you veer crowding streets. Just connect your mobile device or computer to the internet and search for traffic alert sites. They are the ones that can provide accurate and real-time traffic reports within your vicinity. 

So before you hit the road, make sure that you have checked any of these traffic websites. By doing so, you will never be caught off guard. 

The 5 Best Traffic Alert Sites Today

1. Google Maps

We are all familiar with Google Maps. Many of us are using this to find specific locations on unfamiliar terrains or localities. Because of the accurate pinpointing that Google Maps can offer, all of the information that it displays is reliable. 

However, a lot of people don’t know that Google Maps can also provide updates regarding different traffic conditions. It has an extensive database for every route and highway in the world. It can navigate on all countries and generate the essential traffic updates that you need. 

Google Maps is using different line colors to indicate traffic volume. For instance, a red line means that vehicles are moving at a speed no greater than 25 miles per hour. This suggests that a road accident or construction could be present anywhere ahead. 

2. Waze

Despite being a popular mobile application for traffic navigation, Waze still has a website that you can use to avoid traffic congestion. It is an excellent utility for any driver, especially if they are still about to drive. 

The functionality of the Waze website is pretty similar to the application. Therefore, if you are familiar with the interface of the app, then you will have no problems in configuring the site. Of course, it is already a given that some of the major features of the Waze app are not present on its website. However, for basic traffic monitoring, this online platform is more than enough.

The website supports different languages and has extensive coverage in more than 50 countries across the globe. 

3. Rand McNally

Rand McNally is not the most conventional utility for drivers who want to be assisted in overcoming the burden of traffic. But at the same time, it is entirely inarguable that the site is downright functional and useful. 

It has to be taken into account that Rand McNally is not new when it comes to map-making. It has been in the industry since 1856, but only offered traffic services during the 1990s. 

This particular website is highly recommended for people who are planning to have interstate or extended excursions. It can provide multi-segment routes, and you can still further customize it so that you can create the most ideal path to travel. Moreover, Rand McNally is compatible with various address formats. Therefore, even if you are not certain about the address of your destination, the site can compensate for it. 

4. AAA Driving Directions

For those drivers that are based in the United States, accessing the website of the American Automobile Association (AAA) would be a great idea. On their website, you can use the service called TripTik Travel Planner. The latter uses a conventional means for maneuvering traffic, and that is by giving you actual maps. 

This said travel planner can provide printed maps of the path or route that you are going to take. However, you have to be wary that in some instances, the directions that are being generated by the site tend to be surly. Compared to modern traffic navigation and alert services, the TripTik Travel Planner is not that straightforward all the time. 

Also, it has to be emphasized that the website of the AAA requires you to provide your local zip code before you can access their services. At some point, such a demand is quite annoying, especially if you want to remain anonymous.

5. MapQuest

Many of you might not have heard about MapQuest. But the thing is, this particular website has been in the service since 1996. Specifically, it functions as a traffic alert site that provides reliable information that you can use to avoid heavy traffic congestion.

However, it has to be emphasized that MapQuest has been long surpassed by other traffic applications and websites such as Google Maps and Waze. Some users, in fact, have reported several irregularities to the directional accuracy of the site. But because it can provide essential real-time information about any on-going traffic, it is still being trusted by some drivers.

MapQuest features a comprehensive assessment of the existing traffic condition within your area. Furthermore, it can also provide estimates for the fuel cost that is needed so that you can reach a particular destination.

These are some of the best traffic alert sites that you can use to escape the horrendous predicament of bumper-to-bumper. With the navigational services that these websites provide, it is easy for any driver to plan their travel and access the most ideal routes where traffic is minimal. 

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