5 Best Traffic Alert Apps For Android And iOS This 2019

Dealing with traffic is not an easy thing. With all the irregularities in the flow and volume of vehicles, it is really an arduous task to get past through a clogging lane.

Fortunately, modern technology has allowed people to somehow get a good insight into real-time traffic scenarios of various traffic junctions and intersections.

Specifically, traffic applications have been a trend in mobile devices. Not only they are convenient to use, but they also give any driver all the essential traffic reports within any assigned routes. With them around, you can get avoid the unwanted bumper-to-bumper before you even see them.

Here are the best traffic alert apps that you should download to your mobile phone.

5 Traffic Alert Apps Your Mobile Device Should Have:

1. Waze

This list wouldn’t be complete without Waze being included here. With an astounding 7 million downloads already, it is undeniable that this application is well-loved by drivers and commuters alike.

As a free-to-download app, Waze enables its users to know what’s happening on every route without experiencing fuss. And even if you are still new to the path or juncture you are taking, the app will draw and pinpoint the direction to you. A voice-operated guiding system enables a hands-free and eyes-free operation to the app. Once you have set your destination, it will just guide you like a back seat driver.

Aside from this feature, Waze also displays other related traffic information such as vehicular accidents, road detours, on-going constructions, and so on. All of these pieces of information are displayed in real-time.

2. Traffic Spotter

One of the best traffic alert apps that you can get today is the Traffic Spotter by Arpeggio. It functions the same as Waze, but it has a different interface that many drivers find useful.

Fundamentally, Traffic Spotter is a platform where you can get updated traffic information. All the data are interactive and provides a real-time scenario in any location. It also displays essential traffic reports so that you will never get caught off guard while you are driving.

One ergonomic feature that you can find useful in this application is its weather information. Of course, weather disturbances like heavy rain, storm, and extreme heat can really influence the traffic flow. With this app, you are not only beating the traffic, but you are also escaping bad weather, too.

3. Live Traffic Route Finder

Another traffic app that can help you maneuver your way out from an unmoving flow of vehicles is the Live Traffic Route Finder. This one was developed by Appsomania and has more than 100,000 downloads already.

This app displays live traffic information as long as it is connected to the internet. All the updates that you need coming from different sources are being displayed here. You can immediately get updates for on-going developments about accidents and road closures.

The app will pinpoint which path is bombarded with vehicles and which alternative routes that you can take. Drivers will find the interface of this app easy to read. No unwanted visual clutter is present that can prevent its user from figuring out the right path.

4. INRIX Traffic

It is quite notable that INRIX Traffic is a popular traffic app on many iOS devices. While it is true that the Apple Store always displays paid applications, the INRIX Traffic remains to be free, and that’s something that any driver can appreciate. However, let me remind you that this app is also compatible with Android phones and tablets.

The INRIX Traffic provides a unique interface where drivers can see which route is the best to take. It can provide a simple yet effective analysis of your usual routes and determine if it is good to take or not. When there is traffic congestion, the app can generate alternative routes that you can take.

Moreover, the app also indicates a scheduling feature, where it provides the ideal time that you should leave your current location so that you can reach your destination on time. Usually, we do this calculation manually, and most of the time, they are inaccurate. But with this app, you’ll never have to chase time anymore.

5. Traffic Near Me: Maps, Navigation

Real-time and traffic-free navigation is entirely possible once you have this application on your mobile device. The interface and functionality of the Traffic Near Me are almost the same as other applications that have been listed here. It uses various traffic alerts and updates to give you the right information that you need while driving.

The app guarantees that you can avoid traffic jams by making alternative routes that have minimal vehicular volume. Before you travel, you can already configure and set the application. After that, you can already on driving as the app will notify you about the right routes and areas that you have to avoid at all costs.

Take note that it uses Google Maps for navigation. Therefore, there’s a guarantee that all the data listed here are accurate.

These are some of the best traffic alert apps that you can use to conquer the traffic and lessen the time that you need to travel. If there are other mobile apps that can help you out-maneuver heavy traffic flow, share it with us in the comment section below.