3 Ways On How To Find Traffic Breaking News


How to find traffic breaking news? Are there any platforms that you can check out to know every traffic condition on the road?

One way or another, it is completely natural for commuters to get frustrated when there are congestions while they are driving. But of course, predicting where the next burden on the street is quite difficult unless you have means to scope things out. After all, some vehicular stoppage is caused by unexpected accidents and hazards. If there’s nothing that will inform you about this, even a well-planned trip can be disrupted. 

At this point, you need to get the right sources of information regarding traffic. Fortunately, accessing such input is not tricky, considering the technology that we have right now.

In fact, here are some sources where you can get the latest traffic news. 

Ways To Get Breaking News About Traffic

Traffic Websites

There are numerous websites today that deliver updates and reports of different traffic situations. You can rely on them when it comes to finding the latest news about the current condition of the streets in your area. 

However, the main problem with these websites is their limited scope. You can’t expect that they can deliver immediate reports within your locality. There’s a good chance that a traffic accident already took place, but these traffic websites were not able to cover it. Since we are talking about real-time news, the aforementioned issue might likely to happen.

Traffic Apps

The best choice that you have here–in my opinion–is to rely on traffic-based applications. Apps like Waze, Inrix, and Genesis Intelligent Assistant App are capable of helping commuters learn the conditions of the streets they usually pass. Unlike websites, these apps can provide almost real-time issuance of traffic news and alerts. These are excellent platforms for those who want to get traffic updates on a regular basis. 

Aside from this perk, these traffic applications also offer user reporting. This means that if a particular driver spots a road accident or closure, he/ she will be able to send a report to the app. It will notify other drivers; thus, allowing them to avoid the affected routes and junctions. 

These apps are convenient to use and don’t require too much attention so that you can operate them. Most of the time, they will pop notifications whenever they receive updates and reports that every commuter and driver should know. Each of them offers voice guide features and other user-friendly interfaces so that you can outmaneuver traffic better. 

Of course, this shouldn’t discount the fact that these traffic apps have the exceptional capability to guide commuters to less congested routes. The mapping system of these traffic apps enables a smart way of providing alternative passages based on the number of vehicles and distance. If you have any of these apps on your mobile phone, it is guaranteed that you can never be burdened by traffic at all.


Another interesting venue where you can get your traffic news is the radio. Most of the local traffic news is being reported on your FM stations frequently. They do not miss a spot. Blow-by-blow reports are being released on-air so that drivers can grasp what’s happening on the road. 

The speed of delivery of these local radio stations is quite admirable. Important updates that are not posted yet in TV stations or other news platforms are already reported on the radio. With them around, you are always ahead when it comes to the latest happenings that could affect your driving experience.

Radios are convenient because, by default, they are installed in the interiors of your car. They are just there for you to utilize them. Therefore, you should always take advantage of them. They are not there in the dashboard of your vehicle as a form of aesthetic props. They are as functional as these traffic apps when it comes to delivering crucial breaking news.

The government and other agencies also use these radios in giving updates about weather inclement and other disturbances. Most of the emergency alert services are broadcasted on every local radio station. Furthermore, alerts from the North Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are occasionally heard in these platforms, too. 

Don’t underestimate these radios. You should utilize them so that you can outsmart traffic better!