3 Reasons Why Traffic Alert Radios Are Still A Thing

There are many speculations that radios will become an obsolete means of getting traffic information. Based on the current trend today, more and more people are switching to the use of traffic applications and websites because they are a lot easier to use. In this age of modern technology, it is not surprising anymore that this on-going predicament. 

However, I can never consider radios as an old-fashioned medium for news and data transmission. One way or another, using your radios to get the latest updates on your radio is still a beneficial thing to do. If that statement is not valid, then vehicles these days should not have a built-in radio. 

Here are some of the specific reasons as to why you need to keep traffic alert radios in your arsenal. 

Why Traffic Alert Radios Still Work?

1. Provides Diversity

When it comes to overcoming traffic, a plethora of preparations and resources are needed. While you can rely on a particular medium to get an exact idea about the current traffic conditions, having two or more sources is still better. 

You have to anticipate factors like inconsistencies when you are using mobile-based traffic applications. There are not always perfect. For instance, irregularities in the accuracy of Waze has been reported a couple of times already. 

With the presence of radio stations that deliver real-time traffic news, you have the means to compare whatever information that you have. Most of the time, the reports being announced on radio stations are more reliable than their contemporaries. After all, the updates they broadcast are derived from actual news and announcements.

Either way, the more information that you have, the better you can assess the vehicular congestion in any lanes that you are going to pass. This will lead you to plan out the best alternative routes where you can avoid congestion. 

2. Accessibility

There are limits to the performance of mobile traffic applications, traffic websites, and even GPS units. Once their “source” is out of range already, you can no longer rely on them. 

Specifically, traffic apps require constant internet service so that you can access their features. No internet, no update. Unless there’s an offline mode in these apps, they will never really work on situations where the internet service provider is out of reach. For those people who only travel within the urban regions, Wi-Fi and data connection are not a problem. But outside these cities, the availability of the internet is already a challenge.

Furthermore, these traffic apps and GPS units have limited operation. Once their battery is out, you will never be able to use them. 

On the flipside, all of these problems are not found in conventional radios. As long as the engine of your vehicle is running, these radios are always operational. These perks are emulated by handheld radios. They can last for days due to the high-capacity batteries that come with them. They are an ideal choice when it comes to emergencies as you can always secure spare batteries for them.

By far, it is hard to beat radios when it comes to the extensiveness of their functionality. They can remain operational even if major satellites and internet towers are not available. In areas where these amenities are present, you can still get traffic alerts from radios.

3. Reliability Of Information

I do appreciate the information that is being broadcasted by radio stations. Right from the get-go, you can already ascertain their integrity of the things that you can hear on these frequencies. Keep in mind that the majority of these AM radio stations are legitimate new companies. In fact, some of them are government-related platforms that provide public service announcements and emergency alert services. 

Therefore, all of the traffic updates that you can hear on the radio are real and accurate. You will never have to doubt them. Making these reports as your baseline for your route planning is beneficial! 

With all of these things emphasized, I don’t conform to the idea that getting traffic alerts from radio stations is a bad idea. Radios will never fade on the scene even on the advent of other traffic navigation platforms. They remain accurate and reliable in delivering traffic information that matters. 

Many drivers, especially those who are threading long-distance journeys, find these radios to be the most convenient source of traffic updates. If I were you, make sure that every time your drive, your radio is always tuned in to your favorite news station.

That’s it for now. For questions and suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.