3 Car Problems That Come After Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are truly troublesome. It doesn’t really matter if the damage is minor or significant; the mere fact that the back of your vehicle sustained scratches, dents, or deformities is proof that there are a lot of things that you need to do. 

Of course, you should never shrug off this incident. Right after you get involved in such an accident, you need to probe for those possible hidden damages.

Here are some of those potential problems that could arise right after a rear-end collision. 

Trunk Damages 

This particular accident always affects the trunk of vehicles. The impact can cause significant disfigurement. But even if the damage is minimal, you should still be too confident. 

Also, don’t ever take trunk damages lightly. Some think that it is just okay to leave the impairment for a while since it doesn’t affect their driving anyway. However, keep in mind that your car’s overall usability and functionality are determined by how its parts operate. 

Specifically, here are some of the issues that you need to check:


  • Opening difficulties – Try to see if your trunk suddenly becomes difficult to open, even if you have engaged the release button or your key. 


  • Lock issues – Don’t forget to assess if your trunk is still lockable. You see, the locking mechanism of trunks can easily be affected by impacts. If you don’t treat this matter, your trunk is exposed to thieves and robbers. 


  • Water seepage – Also, rear-end collisions could also disrupt the lid seal of the trunk. Once this happens, harmful moisture can breach the compartment. As a result, your vehicle is already susceptible to mold growth. 


  • Lid pops on its own – The lid of your trunk should be closed at all times if it is still in good and operational condition. However, collisions can affect its overall functionality. After the accident, there’s a possibility that the lid will pop accidentally. Of course, this situation is deleterious. You need to deal with this problem right away to prevent future accidents from taking place. 

Alignment Errors

Right after a rear-end collision, there’s a considerable chance that your vehicle’s alignment is thoroughly affected. This is a common issue, even for minor accidents. Drivers are troubled by this because it influences their driving negatively. It becomes hard for them to drive on a straight line. In fact, controlling the vehicle becomes cumbersome, too.

There are symptoms that can quickly tell if your vehicle has been misaligned. First is when it always drifts to the side even if you are driving straight. Second is when your car runs wobbly; the feeling that your vehicle is shaking should never be ignored. 

Alignment problems require treatment since it is a trigger for other problems to occur. It is one of the causes for the brakes, suspension, and tires of the vehicle to suffer from additional stress. That would cause faster wear-and-tear on these parts. Of course, that’s a problem that you need to deal with on your end. 

Hidden Damages

You might think your vehicle has escaped from a disastrous repair after seeing that it has no visible damage. But as a responsible driver, it is essential that you double-check everything. Make sure that no issues can escape from your eyes. If possible, go to a mechanic and let them inspect the vehicle for you. 

Most of the time, the hidden damage could lie behind the cover of the bumper. There are components that are placed here. Don’t expect that they are durable. A light bump in the rear could shatter or displace them. 


  • Bent frame – It is completely possible that the frame and bumper of your vehicle will get damaged after a collision. Usually, these parts are just made from plastic. Their durability and sturdiness are not that much. If you are hearing rattling noises when driving, that’s a possibility that the frame is bent. 


  • Warning system misalignment – When the frames are bent, it could also follow that the warning sensors are affected as well. They are susceptible to errors, which can eventually result in erroneous flagging of signals and popping of airbags.

Weakened frame – Another issue that can riddle the rear of your car after a collision is reduced frame strength. This usually happens when the impact is too strong. It can shake the construction of the frame, which, in turn, reduces its overall rigidity. This is a matter that requires urgent attention. It makes your car more vulnerable to damages that are caused by crashes and collisions.