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What Does “No-Haggle Price” Means In Car Dealerships

Having an excellent deal on a new or used car is always gratifying. 

Many of us want to leave the dealership without a hint of doubt in mind. We want to ensure that we got the right vehicle and that we paid the right price for it, which are both understandable. Of course, things can go south if the salesperson in the dealership is trying to swing left and right in determining the exact amount that you need to pay for a unit. You can’t help but think that maybe, they are trying to overcharge you. 

Fortunately, there’s a way out of this predicament. With the existence of a no-haggle program, you will really know how much you are going to pay once you have decided what car to buy. This particular scheme reduces the stress in the process of buying a vehicle. It makes the procedure straightforward, transparent, and fast. 

What Is A No-Haggle Program

In the world of buying cars, no-haggle means that you will always get the exact price of a particular vehicle unit upfront. You’ll never have to guess about the value because it is posted already. And once that price tag is shown, there’s no way that these dealerships can overcharge you. In fact, multiple dealerships have the prices of their goods posted on their respective websites. It is a great mechanism that reduces the chances for the buyers to get blindsided when they have decided to buy a car. 

Based on the data of the US News & World Report, the no-haggle program could help car buyers save at least $3,300 off the suggested retail price of auto manufacturers. Surely enough, the final price of the vehicle will still depend on its model and the dealership. But with the said program, you will know this price right away, even before going to the store. 

Another benefit of the no-haggle policy is time-saving. After all, it will cut any instances that you have to haggle the price of the vehicle, which is one of the most arduous parts of the car-acquisition process. Instead of negotiating, you’ll just have to spend your time completing the paperwork. After that, you will be able to leave right away. 

Fortunately, availing the no-haggle program is pretty simple. You just have to visit the website of the dealership where you are planning to buy your car. Once there, you can input all the necessary details of the vehicle that you want to purchase. After a short while, these dealers will provide quotations to you. If you like the figures, have it printed, then bring it to the physical store of the dealer. But before you get it, make sure that you test the vehicle to see its performance. If things are already good for you, you can start finalizing the paperwork right away. 

Reduces Bait-And-Switch

It is quite sad that there are various dealerships that are not entirely honest about the units they are selling. A good example of this is when they sell a brand-new vehicle for a reasonable price with its nice picture being posted on the advertisement. Of course, it will really attract a lot of buyers, especially if the car model is one of the latest releases in the market. 

However, things go sour when you arrive at the dealership, and you see that the vehicle posted is just a basic unit without those features that you really want. Some of you are already familiar with this scheme. In the industry, it is called bait-and-switch.

Without the no-haggle program, this particular mechanism will proliferate. In fact, it is recommended that you only get cars from those dealers that offer a no-haggle program to ensure that you will not get victimized by bait-and-switch. 

Keep in mind that all vehicles that are listed on the site of a dealership have their stock code or VIN on them. These details will allow you to determine the kind of car that you want and the features equipped on them. Dealers will still be able to arrange the prices for these vehicles. But at the same time, they are already aware that you are going to compare the prices with other dealerships. 

In some cases, dealerships will exclusively use the no-haggle mechanism throughout their entire supplies of vehicles. Others will only use the said policy on some selected cars. 

One of the good aspects of the no-haggle program is that it removes the pressure from the salespeople to negotiate their vehicles at a higher price. After all, this policy will cause the dealership not to implement the commission-based payments to their agents.