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How To Remain Sharp While Driving Long Distances

Every once in a while, we take the long winding road. Of course, we are taking that literally. Long-distance driving is pretty common, especially if you want to go to a nice secluded place for a vacation or if there are emergencies and you need to travel interstate. 

While it sounds fun, long-distance driving is not easy. It is quite the opposite. In fact, it is taxing physically and mentally. Sitting for several days in your truck or car seems not to be a good idea at all. You can ask your fellow haulers, and they have numerous stories to tell about this. 

So if you are going on a long-distance drive. Preparations must be done. Furthermore, you have to remain sharp to avoid accidents while hitting the road. Here are some tips on how you can do that. 

Tips On How To Remain Sharp And Alert While Driving Long Distances

Pull Over If You Feel Tired

Now, don’t ignore this particular policy because it is a golden rule, especially among those who frequently travel long distances. You don’t have to drive if you feel that you are tired already. That’s just counterintuitive. You may think that doing so will help you get to your destination faster. But in truth, it will not. Lethargy and weariness can make your judgment hazy. It can also slow your reaction, which is a bad thing when you drive. 

Because of this, it is important that you take periods of rest every time you drive long distances. Find a safe parking space or area where you can park. There, you can nap or sleep. You can also have a breather until such time you feel refreshed and rejuvenated already. Hey, it is the perfect time to eat and answer the call of nature, too!

Bring Someone With You

If you want to remain sharp while driving for extended periods, you have to bring someone with you. If you are alone driving, it is easy to fall sleepy. Having no one to talk to while on the steering wheel is simply the concoction for drowsiness. After all, you only have your car and the road in front of you. The soft breeze of the wind that touches your faces can really make you yawn. The lonely road can make your eyes heavy. 

Things will be quite different if you have a passenger with you. They can keep you up through the casual conversations they share with you. They can also serve as your additional lookout, especially during the night. 

Furthermore, if your passenger knows how to drive, you can switch seats with them. For this period, you go to sleep, and they drive. The next few hours, you take the steering wheel so that they can rest. Both of you get enough rest, and rest is pretty essential for long-distance driving. 

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Mental sharpness is deteriorated by alcohol. It is not a secret. We are aware of the thousands of car crashes and fatalities that were caused by long-distance driving. And that’s just half of the story. Drunk driving also causes numerous road rages and millions of properties to be damaged. Throughout the country, the law against drunk driving is pretty stringent. You don’t want to be caught red-handed when traffic police pull you over. 

Of course, many people think that the long ride is the perfect time to drink and have fun. There are a lot of people who see long-distance drives as an exciting way to get intoxicated. But if you care about your lives and the lives of other road users, you should just cancel the thought. 

Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs can severely impair your mental faculties. And that could spell disaster. Just don’t try it. 

Eat Healthily 

Many are unaware that too many fats and sugar can cause your body to become sedentary. Hence, it increases the chances of getting sleepy. It is actually wrong that sugar will boost your energy. Instead, you have to see it as a sedative because its after-effects are more impactful than the “kick” that you initially felt. 

Keep in mind that high sugar levels limit the production of Orexin. The latter is a chemical in the brain that stimulates alertness. In short, it helps in making you feel that you are awake. Hence, more sugar means that you’ll be sleepy at a much faster rate. 

To combat this, you gotta eat loads of protein, which you can get from meat, eggs, and some of your favorite fruits and veggies. Switch to a healthier alternative if you want to complete your driving journey safe and sound. 

Remain Hydrated 

Fatigue comes if your body lacks water. After all, water is a source of energy and helps in most of the bodily processes. It is one of the reasons we get thirsty after we exhaust ourselves in doing some rigorous tasks such as workouts. Of course, long-distance driving falls under the same category, too. 

Water is a healthier boost compared to energy drinks and coffee. Surely, the two can really heighten your alertness. But after their effects subside, the fatigue that you feel becomes double. 

Steadily drinking water can make you feel active. It is a reliable source of energy that has no side effects.