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GM Launches Electric Hummer And Sells Out In Just 10 Minutes

A contest between electric vehicle manufacturer rivals–General Motors and Tesla–is already on the roll. This time, General Motors fired its most ambitious shot for the battle royale in the form of the GMC Hummer EV. 

The GMC Hummer EV is the first pick-up truck that General Motors created. It is GM’s answer to the Cybertruck of Tesla, which has been released earlier. 

Specifically, the 2022 GMC Hummer is touted to have “no equals” and “no limits,” according to its maker in a five-minute reveal via a webcast. Based on its specifications, this electric Hummer will feature more muscle than any traditional gas-operated pick-up trucks. After all, it will boast a 1,000 horsepower performance and a torque of 11,500 pound-feet. However, it is indicated that this one has the highest price among all the factory-built pick-up trucks today. Its Edition 1 costs approximately $113,000. 

According to Duncan Aldred, in an interview with NBC News, the brand head of GMC, the GMC Hummer is designed to be “the ultimate expression of performance and capabilities.” Aldred is expecting that it will not only attract people who like electric vehicles but also those “who haven’t thought about electric (vehicles).” 

Of course, there’s no qualms that the Hummer is crucial for General Motors. Even its CEO Mary Barra kept repeating that the brand is “on a path to an all-electric future.” GM also revealed its plan to produce at least 20 electric models in their showrooms in the entire world by 2023. The displays would include the Cadillac Lyriq SUV.

The Hummer is in a tough spot, though, since the EV market is heavily dominated by Tesla. But with the release of Edition 1 last Tuesday, Aldred mentioned that GMC was able to accommodate enough reservations for the electric pick-up truck. All slots for reservations were filled under 10 minutes only, which is quite overwhelming. Moreover, there are 3,000 potential buyers that were placed on the waiting list. Aldred also said that many people are still trying to make reservations for Edition 1 and its later versions. 

All of the versions of Edition 1 will showcase similar “architecture.” They will provide a versatile platform that will enable the entry of various battery packs and configurations to their motors and bodies. 

The Edition 1 will come with tree motors. One is placed on the front, and the remaining two are on the rear axle. The power they can generate is comparable to the 360-HP and 380 lb-ft of torque of a 6-liter V8 engine. The performance is also similar to the 445-HP and 910 pound-feet of a 6.6-liter turbodiesel, which will be found on the 2021 GMC Sierra pick-up.

Furthermore, the Edition 1 can accommodate a battery pack that is as big as 200 kilowatt-hours. Moreover, it can also give you a 350-mile per charge mileage, according to its manufacturer. However, the official ratings for the truck will be given by EPA, and it will take several months before the details will get published. 

This unit will also utilize GM Ultium battery technology. It will be combined with the 800-volt system that is compatible with the latest 350-kilowatt charges on public charging ports. With such a capability, it will allow the driver to get another 100 miles of range within just 10 minutes. Notably, the full charging time for this EV has not yet been released. 

GMC is highlighting the off-road capabilities of Edition 1. It comes with “rock sliders” on its underside that prevent damages while traversing harsh terrains. This EV is also capable of increasing its ground clearances up to six inches so that it can tackle deep water, ruts, and rocks. Furthermore, the three-motor drive system of this vehicle will allow it to drive diagonally or “crabwalk.” Such a feature is important to simplify parking or improve off-road driving situations. 

Interestingly, this unit will be equipped with 18 cameras, including those that will be integrated under its body. These cameras will improve your driving “vision.”

In urban settings, the four-wheel steering will enable the Hummer to make circular turns tighter than what subcompacts can do. 

Noticeably, the electric pick-up has some features that are similar to the rugged interior and exterior design of the original Hummer.