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Does My Car Need A Wheel Alignment Service?

Are you wondering if your car needs a wheel alignment? How do you know if you need this particular service already? 

Well, to know the answers to these questions, you simply have to look at the tires of your vehicle. In fact, you don’t need an automotive professional to make the diagnosis for you. 

Specifically, you need to check for uneven tire wear. Among all the tires in the vehicle, you should spot one that wears more than the rest. Honestly, this is the primary indicator that your vehicle has poor alignment. But aside from that, here are some symptoms that you can check, too. 


  • Your vehicle seemingly drifts to the side even if you are just driving straight
  • Your steering wheel is vibrating even if the road is paved and free from jagged areas and potholes
  • You are driving straight, but the steering wheel of your car or truck is not centered


If your vehicle doesn’t suffer from any symptoms mentioned above, you might still want to check the owner’s manual, especially if your last alignment has been a while. There should be a part there that indicates when and how frequent you should give your vehicle an alignment servicing. 

Always remember that misalignment can be a cause of daily driving. In fact, the more you drive, the more prone your vehicle to this kind of issue.

Moreover, the term alignment is not actually referencing the wheels of your vehicle; instead, it is directly related to its suspension. Every time you drive, one of the parts of the suspension of your car gets worn, too. Springs do stretch and loosen, too. A small accident on the road can also cause damage or disruption to the suspension system. For instance, a bump in the curb can knock even the most highly optimized components. 

All of these predicaments can result in the steering wheel being adjusted at an improper angle. Fortunately, alignment services can fix this problem through the use of appropriate tools and strategies. Sometimes, replacements might be needed to ensure that this job will be executed properly. 

Of course, the most significant benefit of a car alignment is the reduction of tire wear. Surely, we all know that tires do wear out. It is a natural process. But if the suspension of the car is aligned correctly, the wear-and-tear process would be even. There’s no side that suffers more wear than others. 

When you can take care of your tires, you can also take care of your finances. Replacement tires are not that cheap anyway. One tire has a minimum cost of approximately $100 or more. So two tires get damaged, you need to spend at least $200 to get replaced. And if you don’t settle the misalignment issue, you’ll do the replacements frequently. 

Meanwhile, alignment servicing only costs $50 to $100, depending on the extensiveness of the job. Hence, compared to constantly replacing your tires, alignment services are a much more cost-efficient method of maintaining your vehicle. In fact, you should include it in the regular maintenance of your vehicle. 

An alignment guarantees that your car will drive straight. Furthermore, it lets you control and handle the vehicle properly, making your journey safer and more convenient. It also helps in the optimization of gas mileage because your car is working smoothly. The more effort the vehicle makes while running, the more fuel it consumes.