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What Do S And B Mean In Your Vehicle?

Surprisingly, your car has multiple acronyms. Honestly, there’s a need for you to understand them all. Otherwise, you’ll get conflicted with their functions and overall purpose to your vehicle. 

One of the common examples of these is the letters inscribed in gear. Specifically, the letters S and B have been ever-present since the start of the mass manufacturing of vehicles. But do you know what they mean?

What Does S And B In A Car Mean?

The Meaning Of S

When you look at the gear shifter of your vehicle, you’ll see the letter S on them. Of course, some of you don’t bat an eye about this letter, and others feel that they already know what it stands for. If you are going to ask drivers these days, they will answer Speed. But that’s not actually correct. 

The S in the gear shifter stands for Sport. Keep in mind that the CVT gearbox comes with a multitude of ratios. When it is aligned in the S model, the ECM of your vehicle will be able to adjust its transmission so that it can generate the optimal acceleration if every time you crank the throttle hard. With this, it is entirely possible for the vehicle to maintain the gears longer than in the D position. It gives the car added power. 

If you want to feel like you are a racer, you can adjust the shifter to S. By this time, you have to check the performance of the unit to the changes in the gear and throttle. But in doing so, you’ll affect the fuel economy of your vehicle. Whenever you accelerate too much, the engine of your car works harder. And when it works harder, it will consume more fuel in the process.

The Meaning Of B

So if S stands for Sport, then how about the B? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. B means Brake or the engine brake in the gear shifter of your car. If you opt to head to the gradient road, it is suggested that you put it in the B. Once this mode is activated, your vehicle will be optimized for engine braking. Because of this, it will not become prone to free-falling on slopes, which causes an increase in the drag. 

Moreover, the B mode of your vehicle helps the latter by preserving the car brakes of your car. It will stop them from overworking because it removes a significant load by removing the excess speed through the gear ratios. Once you head uphills, the brake mode will enable you to ascend more efficiently. It guarantees that the car will not crawl back while on the ascent.

Hence, you should never hesitate to use the Brake mode whenever you are going upward or downward. It is a helpful utility that conserves the fuel economy of your car. If you don’t find the letter B in the gear shifter, look for the letter L instead. They are just the same. 

The Meaning Of Other Letters

Letter P 

In the automatic transmission, P means Park. When this setting is engaged, all the transmission gears are already locked. Hence, the wheels will not be able to move forward or backward. Specifically, this mode locks the transmission through mechanical means. It restricts any movement of your vehicle unless you disengage it. Meanwhile, the Drive mode in the transmission will activate all the locked gears in the Park mode. In the L2 or second gear, the transmission will only activate from low to second gear. 

Letter R

Many of you can guess this one correctly. The R in the gear shift means Reverse. You should select this driving mode whenever you are driving your vehicle backward. Keep in mind that the position of R varies from one car model to another. If you shift your gear from P to R, it will cause the vehicle to move backward, but not forward. The other gears are still not activated, and only reverse driving is allowed. 

Letter N

The N in the gear shift stands for Neutral. There are various car models that require you to shift them in the neutral mode while warming up the engine. In this way, they will be able to read the level of fluid in the transmission accurately. This mode has another function: if your vehicle doesn’t start in park, crank the gear shifter to N to see if the problem lies in the park safety switch.