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How To Drive Your Car In Reverse Gear

New drivers always feed daunted whenever they are driving reversed. It is not easy to execute, after all. Even the seasoned drivers put the necessary focus to do this. 

Driving in reverse is somewhat essential. You need to do this whenever you are backing for a parking spot or trying to return to a previous return.  

The task is a little challenging, especially if you don’t practice often. If you do it all the time, you can perform it naturally. Follow the steps below so that you can learn how to drive in reverse gear.

How To Drive Your Car In Reverse Gear


  • Adjust the seat of your car. This one is necessary so that you can access the gas and brakes. Even if your body is turned, you still have ample space so that you can move easily. Specifically, you need to adjust the seat so that you can turn and look over comfortably over your shoulder without losing the ability to hit the brakes. If you need to drive in reverse for long periods, make sure that the adjustment of your sat is close to the steering wheel. It makes driving a lot easier.


  • Adjust the mirrors. It is crucial that you configure the positioning of your mirrors before you drive in reverse. You will need to look at them from time to time. A good adjustment will enable you to have a full view of what’s behind. The mirrors will prevent you from getting into an accident while driving in reverse.


  • Strap your seatbelt. Just because you are driving in reverse doesn’t mean that you are free to unstrap the buckle. All driving maneuvers require safety. Even if reversed driving seems harmless, it is still necessary that you wear seat belts on. 

Putting The Car In Reverse Gear

After you made the necessary adjustments, you can already put your car in reverse gear. You cannot drive backward if the gears are not in reverse. Depending on the type of your car, you can do this task in different ways. The gear shifter of your vehicle could either be located in the middle console on the steering column. The reverse gear for manual and automatic transmissions are different, too. 


  • Automatic transmission (column) – For automatic transmission vehicles with gear shift located on the steering column, you simply need to put one of your feet in the brake while you are pulling the shifter in reverse. You should never remove the foot from the brakes unless you have already shifted the gears in reverse. 


  • Automatic transmission (floor) – You can do a similar process for automatic transmission vehicles with gear shift placed on the middle floor console. While holding the brake, pull the gear shifter down so that you can access the reverse gear. 


  • Manual transmission (floor) – For cars with manual transmissions, you need to know that the reverse gear is located opposite of the fifth gear. Usually, you will need to maneuver the shifter over and down before you can access the reverse. Whenever you are using a manual transmission vehicle in reverse, put your left foot on the clutch and the right foot on the brake and gas. 

Steering In Reverse Gear

Once your car is in reverse gear, you are now allowed to drive backward. At this part, you can already turn around and remove your foot from the brake gradually. Additionally, you should never go too fast. Hence, it is not recommended that you press the gas pedal unless you need to. Focus on your alignment and always look for obstacles that you need to avoid. 


  • Look around carefully. Proper caution is necessary when driving in reverse. You have to ensure that your rear path is free from pedestrians and vehicles. You have to scan from time to time so that you will not get caught off guard. You can also look at the driver’s side window so that you can have a clear view of your surroundings. If you deem that the area is clear, you can proceed driving. 


  • Look over your right shoulder. Put your left hand in the center of the steering wheel. Meanwhile, your right hand should be at the back of the passenger seat. After that, lean over so that you can look on to your right shoulder. If necessary, you can press the brake anytime while driving in reverse.


  • Steer the car. Use your left hand to maneuver the steering wheel. Keep in mind that while doing reverse driving, the turn in your steering wheel will put the vehicle in the opposite direction. It is the most confusing part, but it is something that you need to master. For instance, if you put your front wheels on the left, the rear wheels will turn right. Therefore, it is crucial that you don’t make rash turns while driving in reverse.