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The Top Causes Of White Smoke From Exhaust

Keep in mind that any significant change in the color of the fumes being released in your vehicle can be a sign that there is a problem. Even white smoke is already alarming, especially if it is frequent already. In fact, the severity can be determined by the kind and volume of smoke being pumped by the exhaust. 

Why Does My Car Release White Smoke?

White smoke typically comes from the exhaust pipe. As mentioned, it can be a sign that there’s an underlying problem in your vehicle. If the smoke is thick, it requires further troubleshooting. White smoke could be due to regular normal condensation, which happens within the exhaust system. If you observe that the smoke is thin, then you shouldn’t worry that much. But if it is thick, it is a problem that you need to take a look at. 

The thick smoke might be derived from the engine coolant. If this is the cause, then you need your vehicle to be checked right away. Otherwise, it will result in many branching problems such as blown head gaskets and damaged engine blocks. Once these things happen, you will be put in a bad position. Not only will they require extensive repairs, but they also need a lot of spending on your part. 

Once there is a lot of white smoke being emitted by your vehicle, you should never ignore it. Leaking coolants, even how small it is, can still cause damage to your car and truck. 

What Is Happening When There’s A White Smoke In The Exhaust?

Many people think that such an issue is trivial and not worth paying attention to. But keep in mind that it might also be a sign that there’s an underlying problem that you need to find out. 

Broken Fuel Pumping Injection

Aside from leaking coolants, white smoke can also be caused by a damaged fuel pumping injection. This should be the case if your vehicle runs on the engine and that there’s a lot of white smoke being released in the engine. Specifically, the injection timing has been disrupted enough that it stopped functioning for good. 

This particular problem is difficult to result unless a professional will take a look at it. We don’t recommend that you do the troubleshooting by yourself since it is a very complicated task. It requires skills and familiarity before someone can assess the status of the fuel pump injection. Hire a trusted mechanic for this job.

Leaking Coolant

Let us explore this part a little bit. 

It is quite evident that your coolant is leaking when there’s a white smoke when you are running your vehicle, but none when you started it. The reason for this problem is probably due to the burning coolant that got mixed up. It is also possible that your car does not have sufficient coolant anymore, which causes it to release the white smoke. 

Because of this problem, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of the temperature of your vehicle. Moreover, it is a reminder that you need to check your vehicle’s engine before you drive. It is not advisable that you drive if your car’s engine has little to no coolant. It can cause unwanted accidents. 

Other Potential Problems

Most of the time, the visible production of smoke in large quantities when your car is running is an indicator that the latter is suffering from complicated problems. 

For instance, if the fuel filter, head gasket, and cylinder head are damaged, expect that your exhaust will emit a lot of smoke. The same thing happens when your engine has cracks or clogs. The problem with these matters is that these parts require replacements. And when we talk about replacements, we talk about expensive price tags. Our previous post mentioned that engine replacements might not be worth your time because of their costliness.

But at the same time, you cannot just be idle and let things the way they are. There’s a time limit here. Your vehicle will sustain significant and irreparable damages if you let them be. The cost of maintenance and troubleshooting increases as time goes by. 

Perhaps, the best option you have right here is to do preventive check-ups regularly. In this way, you will be able to identify the problems before they get serious. The earlier you can respond, the smaller the amount that you need to spend.