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How To Hire A Driver For Your Fleet

Hiring responsible and skilled drivers is essential for fleet management organizations. The competency of their drivers indicates the success of their operations. After all, these are the very individuals that will represent their company to their clients and to the public, as well. 

Of course, it is not always certain that a fleet management company can get a good driver. There are instances where the one they hired is slacking or violating the working protocols. 

To avoid this predicament, fleet managers have to adhere to the following guidelines.


  • Interview the drivers – All applicants must be subjected to an interview. It will help you assess their efficiency and trustworthiness at the same time. 


  • Conduct a practical driving test – Those who have passed the interview will then be shortlisted for a practical driving test. This one is extremely important, as it will help you determine the skills of a driver when it comes to driving. It will let you see if the ones applying for your company will serve your fleet the way you envisioned it. 


  • Do a background check – For hiring purposes, it is legally allowed for a company to perform a background check on their applicants and employees. It is a process that helps companies discover the vital information that their people didn’t reveal during the interview process. Examples of these are their criminal record, financial standing, and driving record. With a background check, you can determine the level of accountability of drivers.


  • Check the license and driving certifications – It is also crucial that you include the screening of the driving certifications and licenses of any applicants to your company. When they apply to your company, these documents will vouch for their validity and reputation. It is ideal that you hire those that have certificates of completion for various driving courses and training. You have to make sure that their licenses are not tainted by many traffic violations. 


  • Conduct a health check-up – Driving for fleet companies is not that easy. Physically, it is a taxing job. Fleet drivers are usually required to drive for extensive distances and periods. If the driver is not physically capable of meeting these requirements, your operation will not suffer. Selecting healthy drivers is not a form of discrimination. It is always your right to ensure that your company and clients will be protected from damages at all times.


  • Assess their mechanical skills – Driving is not the only skill that a fleet driver should possess. The person should have the mechanical aptitude to deal with various technical difficulties and errors that a vehicle may suffer. For instance, the driver must know how to conduct basic repairs to the engines, tires, and so on.


  • Gauge if the drivers know vehicle technology – Most of the vehicles today are equipped with modern pieces of equipment. Your drivers should be familiar with them. Fleet fuel cards and GPS trackers are among those gadgetries that they must know how to use. The driver you hire must be able to utilize these components throughout the trip. 


  • Learn about their behavior – There’s no ordinary day when it comes to fleet drivers. Every day is a new day for them. They will encounter new destinations, clients, and situations on a daily basis. It is required that the driver is gracious enough to handle these experiences according to the company’s standard. The driver must remain composed at all times. Even in the most stressful situation, they should be able to contain their anger and frustration. 


Also, it is essential that your drivers are well-mannered. It has been stated earlier that your drivers are the ones that represent your company. You can see them as ambassadors. If they are polite and courteous, your clients will appreciate not only them but your organization, too. Don’t hire rowdy drivers who only know how to drive, but don’t have the right manners in dealing with customers.


  • Ensure that they have a sense of responsibility – For fleet managers, it is essential that they will be able to track the level of commitment of their drivers. Specifically, they should be reliable enough to handle various resources that your company manages, such as the vehicle and money. You entrust these things to them, so it is extremely crucial that they will be able to reciprocate your expectations.