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5 Signs That You Need To Stop Driving

Driving is something that others do naturally. It is within their system. 

But sooner or later, they will have to give it up. Well, we can accept the fact that hanging up the keys to your car is a difficult thing to do. However, if you are already old, you might need to consider doing this. It is struggling because driving means freedom. Giving up driving sometimes means that you give up your freedom, too.

Of course, you should never hesitate to stop driving, especially if your safety is at stake. The following are the signs that you need to let others drive for you.

Signs That You Need To Stop Driving

Frequent Close Calls

No sign is more clearer than close calls. If you noticed that you keep on getting into near-accidents and vehicular crashes, then you have to assess your driving skills already. There’s a good chance that your motor skills and eyesight are deteriorating already. These mechanical aspects are essential for drivers. If they are poor, then you are not in a suitable condition for driving. 

You have to decide this matter carefully and promptly. You will never know when these close calls become real accidents. Surely, you don’t want to get yourself into that situation. If you deem that the dangers are already serious, you should stop driving already.

More Scrapes And Dents

All of us are not perfect drivers. Even the most careful ones are not immune to scraping and denting their vehicles. There are instances where we can harm the exterior portion of our cars from parking or driving tight spaces. However, if the frequency of these bumps and damages become apparent, you need to consider to halt your driving activities. 

This is especially true if the blemishes are not only present in your vehicle, but also in the garage doors, gates, fences, and curbs of your property. It simply means that your skills as a driver are no longer sharp and accurate. Just accept the fact that you are already a responsibility once you enter the road.

Getting Lost

Another subtle sign that you need to stop driving is getting lost. Of course, it is normal that you would get lost from time to time, especially if you are driving in new terrains and locations. However, if you still get lost even in familiar places, that’s a warning sign that you need to take into account. Your cognitive ability has been degrading, and it is quite harmful.

Memory deterioration is not good for drivers. It can cause irritation and panic. Moreover, it will make you a hazardous component in the road because of the repeated stops and turns that you are doing.

You Don’t See Road Signs

These road markers are essential. They serve as our guides so that we know what to do when we are driving in a particular street, highway, or location. For instance, speed limits are road markers that control how fast we accelerate our vehicle. Not only does it prevent us from getting into accidents, but the sign also keeps us from getting speeding tickets. Nobody wants a speeding ticket. 

It is difficult to contest these tickets in the court, and you simply reason out to the judge that you didn’t see the traffic signs. Most of the time, the court will not accept that excuse because your eyesight and cognition are part of your responsibilities. If they are already degrading, it is your liability to go to a doctor for an assessment. If the latter think that your problem in vision or cognition is severe, you might want to stop driving already. 

Slow Reflexes

Responsive and speedy reflexes are essential for drivers. They enable us to respond to different road situations. Aside from a sharp mind, we also need to have an agile body. If there’s a need to slam the brakes right off the bat, then our body should be able to respond to it right away. If there’s a delay in the reaction, you will be placed in a bad spot. 

As we grow older, our reflex deteriorates, too. It is entirely normal; it should serve as an indicator that you are no longer equipped for driving. Again, this is the time to consider that someone should drive for you. Alternatively, you can also take public transport.