Traffic Updates

How To Avoid Getting Into A Traffic Jam

Getting stuck in a traffic jam is a painful and annoying experience. No drivers want to find themselves in the middle of a kilometer-long line without the hopes of getting out anytime soon. 

Fortunately, there are some methods that you can do to lessen the chances of encountering a traffic jam. Here are some of them.

How To Avoid Traffic Jams

Avoid Driving On Rush Hours

Most of these traffic jams happen during rush hours. These are the periods where there’s a high volume of vehicles and pedestrians on the road. Of course, it is a given that traffic mobility will drastically decrease because of these factors. 

As a driver or commuter, you always have the option to avoid these rush hours. There’s no rule that you need to travel during the tight and rigid period of the day. You can always go late or early, depending on your schedule. You just need to plan things out. 

As long as you don’t hit the road during rush hours, your chances of encountering a traffic jam are extremely low. 

If you don’t have any choice at all but to travel during the peak periods, it is recommended that you take alternative routes. Choose those paths that are not usually populated. Apps like Waze can provide these convenient directions to you. 

Gather Information Ahead

An informed driver is a responsible driver. It is always a prudent move if you gather all the essential traffic information before you hit the road. You have a lot of sources for this matter. You can always listen to traffic news from radios and televisions. There are traffic feeds that you can find online. Social media platforms, such as Twitter, have profiles that provide real-time traffic updates for some areas. 

As long as you are equipped with the right information, you will be able to avoid traffic jams entirely. You can plan your travel ahead of time, which, in turn, effectively makes you not susceptible to gridlocks. 

Adjust Your Travel Hours

It is also beneficial if you can adjust your usual commuting time if you think that they are no longer conducive and comfortable. For instance, if the hours of 7 AM to 8 AM are riddled with vehicles, you need to scratch it out from your schedule. Tweak your travel time to be earlier or later. Ideally, you need to be early to ensure congestion will not catch you. 

If you are leaving from your work, you can stall some time in a restaurant, cafe, or other recreational facilities. You should do this if you think that your departure aligns with the evening rush hour. And while you are stalling, you can do other proactive activities, such as exercising or doing some work or errands. 

Of course, you cannot leave early in your work. Your best option here is to exit late. It is a good decision if you want to drive conveniently due to the minimal traffic volume. 

Remain Calm

Regardless of how much planning you do, there are still instances where you’ll get stuck in a traffic jam. In this situation, you are left with no option but to let the traffic pass. There’s nothing that you can do here, unless you can teleport your vehicle. But of course, that’s beyond the realms of possibility. 

The best that you can do here is to stay still, control your emotions, and be collective in your actions. Frustrations and irritations will not help you at all. It will just aggravate your situation. Angry drivers, after all, are susceptible to road rage. You don’t want to cause that, as it will get you to irreparable circumstances. 

Stay calm. Let the traffic congestion gradually reduce. You will get out of there eventually. 

Use A Traffic App

At this point, there’s nothing wrong if you are going to use traffic apps. These mobile applications are designed to monitor traffic, provide alternative routes, and give real-time updates regarding road accidents and detours. These details are essential for avoiding potential bumper-to-bumper and traffic jams. 

You can easily download these apps in your mobile applications on your smartphones or tablets. They are convenient to use and usually do not come with a cost.