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6 Top Causes Of Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are far from being uncommon. It happens every day. In fact, it is a miracle if no accident took place in a single day. 

But one should know that there are multiple reasons as to why these crashes and road hazards happen. Most of the time, the one to blame are the drivers themselves. However, external factors can play a part, too. 

Top Causes Of Traffic Accidents


  • Distracted driving – Right now, distracted driving is the leading cause of vehicular accidents. In recent years, the number of distractions for drivers has increased already. Our main attention should be focused on the road while we are on the wheels. But because of the recent developments in technology, paying attention while driving becomes difficult for some. Texting or calling someone while behind the steering wheel is one of the chief reasons why drivers get into accidents. Even just a few seconds on the phone can be fatal for a driver. 


  • Under the influence of alcohol – Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drive and drink. We often hear these reminders from time to time. In fact, they become an anthem for drivers. Drinking should be a taboo if you are planning to drive. But sometimes, even this sacred rule is violated by some. It has resulted in numerous casualties and deaths. Aside from that, drunk driving also became an apparent cause for millions of structural damages. Save the booze once you have arrived at your destination. If you are planning to drink, make sure that someone will drive for you. 


  • Overspeeding – Another fatal cause of traffic accidents is overspeeding. Of course, it is not surprising anymore. Once you are on a highway, where speed limits are almost absent, drivers are tempted to crank the gears of the vehicles. Moreover, you’ll really get addicted to driving fast if you have a particularly fast car model. But despite the pleasures that speeding can give to drivers, this adrenaline will match the importance of your safety and the other road users. When you drive fast, you are minimizing the control you have over your car. It is quite deleterious, especially if the weather is bad. Speeding is only acceptable when it is necessary, or if the road situation is conducive. But during high-traffic, it is prohibited. 


  • Reckless driving – Reckless driving refers to various driving actions that highlight the irresponsibility of the driver. Breaking the speed limits is an example of this. But things can go beyond that. For instance, breaking and speeding erratically can cause disruptions in the road. It puts everyone at risk. When you change lanes frequently, that’s reckless driving, too. If you are trying to cut lanes even if there are cars passing by, that’s another example. Drivers who don’t respect the presence of pedestrian lanes, traffic lights, and other precautionary road signs are quite dangerous, too. These are the individuals that you need to avoid at all costs. They can bring disaster to your life. 


  • Driving during bad weather – We have no control over the weather. When it rains, there’s nothing that we can do but to let it pour. You can ask the clouds to stop dropping water. The only thing that we can control here is ourselves. When it is raining or snowing heavily, is it safe to drive? Based on various traffic agencies, many car accidents happen when there’s a storm or weather inclement. The roads are slippery, which makes it more difficult for drivers to control their vehicles. Moreover, the visibility on these conditions is limited. Even if your headlights are on, your vision is still limited to only a few feet ahead. It is recommended that drivers should let the bad weather pass before they hit the road. 

Beating the red lights – One of the notable causes of traffic accidents is not respecting the traffic lights. When the sign blares red, it is time for you to stop and wait for the green lane to pass. You should never put yourself in a dangerous position where you still hit the pedal even if the red light is still on. Many drivers realized this late. The fortunate ones survived. Others simply died on the spot. Avoiding death in this situation is not difficult. Wait for your turn so that you can pass safely and without incurring any traffic violations.