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5 Steps To Prevent Auto Theft Now That You Are Driving Less

The coronavirus pandemic has impaled most of the world’s mobility. Various industries suddenly went into halt because of the fear of contracting the disease.

Of course, its effect is felt even on the micro-level. Transportation, for instance, suffered thoroughly. Because of the lockdown measures and travel restrictions, no longer drive unless it is for essential transactions. Many cars are parked in their garages with no guarantee of returning on the roads anytime soon. 

Certainly, this is an opportunity that car thieves will never miss. Cars that don’t move are their primary targets. As a vehicle owner, you can’t just let this happen. You need to ensure the safety of your vehicle even if you don’t drive too often these days. 

Steps To Prevent Auto Theft Now That You Are Driving Less

Lock Your Doors

It is essential that you lock your doors when you are not using your vehicle. Leaving it open is like giving permission that your car is up for grabs. Now, many drivers out there are too forgetful about this matter. Just because your car is in its garage doesn’t mean that it is already safe. Robbers and thieves are quite persistent these days. You don’t want your vehicle to get victimized by their schemes. 

Do Not Leave Your Keys In The Vehicle

It is quite surprising that some people still do this despite the risk that it poses. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, it is prohibited that you leave your car keys in the ignition of your vehicle. If it is there, then the thief will not make an effort to open the door. He or she will just smash your window and drive the vehicle right away. 

Aside from that, you are discouraged from leaving your vehicle running while you are outside of it. Even if you are just going to buy something in the store, you should never let it operate unless there’s someone inside. A running vehicle is a favorite of thieves. They can easily snatch it from you. 

Do Not Leave Spare Keys Near Your Car

Now that you don’t drive anymore, it is crucial that you can keep your car immovable. You can do this by simply preventing any thieves from being able to start your vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is inappropriate that you leave spare keys near your car.

Thieves have a habit of spying their victims. They can make plans to make their robbery successful. If they noticed that you are leaving spare keys in the toolbox, under the flower pot, or behind the door, they would take note of this. There’s a good chance that they will be able to take your vehicle while you are sleeping or doing other things.

Park Properly

When you are driving because you want to go to the bank or do some groceries, you have to keep in mind that you have to park intelligently. Any vehicle that is parked is a potential target of thieves. It is the oldest rule in their book. Hence, it is up to you how you can deter these car thieves from targeting your unit.


When parking, make sure that it is in a lit area. Obviously, thieves don’t want to get seen. If possible, park in areas that are close to the entrances of buildings or near where there are security guards and cameras. This would discourage evildoers from taking advantage of a parked vehicle. Meanwhile, parking garages are considered to be safe, but if it is too isolated or distant, reconsider other parking spaces. The former is too dangerous for your personal safety.

Do Not Leave Valuables Inside Your Car

As a vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to make your car “invisible” to thieves. One of the driving forces for robbers to target a vehicle is its contents. When they see valuable items inside, such as laptops, smartphones, and money, they will try their best to break in so that they can steal those things. 

Of course, if you are a vehicle owner, you should be prudent enough to prevent this from happening. You know that these valuables are “hot” items. Hence, you should never leave anything inside your vehicle. Most of the time, it will make your car less appealing for these thieves.