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Uber Launches Service That Helps In COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Uber has launched a service that enables public health officials to access the data of their drivers and commuters. It is a mechanism that would improve the speed of contact tracing if one of the commuters have been infected with COVID-19. 

This particular service is given for free. It is also a highly effective means of marketing and re-branding the ride-hailing company. 

Uber also launched the “No Mask, No Ride” policy throughout the United States alongside with its contact-tracing program. 

Health officials are already promoting the innovative service given by Uber. With such a platform, any country and state department will be allowed to access the data of those individuals who have used Uber rides and services. The data can be used to compel any users that have been contracted by the virus to do self-quarantine and isolation.

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