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Things That You Need To Do When An Ambulance Is Behind You

Many motorists and drivers are unwary what to do when an ambulance comes behind them. Sometimes, they ask this question too late already. 

These days, speeding ambulances are a common sight already. However, it is quite tricky on how to react when they hit the road at great speeds. What should you do in this situation? Should you pull over? Do you need to move to the left or the right? 

Before we discuss those matters, you need to understand the concept of the “right of way.” The “right of way” is the one that determines which vehicle should go ahead first. Meanwhile, under this circumstance, other vehicles that traverse in the given road should yield their position to let the priority vehicle pass. 

Most of the time, the “right of way” is never entitled to ordinary cars. It is given to fire trucks, police cars, and any paramedic utilities. When there’s an emergency, which is indicated when they blare their sirens and lights, you need to give up your way for them.

However, there are some specific guidelines that you need to take heed whenever you are dealing with these emergency vehicles.

What To Do When There’s An Ambulance Behind You

1. Be Alert At All Times

Needless to say, it is crucial that you are always aware of your surroundings whenever you are on the road. 

Right now, one of the biggest problems that we experience today are drivers that don’t exercise road awareness. It usually happens when they don’t check their mirrors or when they don’t bother to look around. Sometimes, the distraction comes when they are chatting or when they are pumping their radios too loud. Of course, smartphones have become a hazard, too, as of recent. These devices can snatch the attention of a person easily.

Others would argue that it is pretty impossible that you will not notice an ambulance whenever it activates its sirens. While such a statement could hold some truth, you should always consider that sounds of excessive volumes could dampen the sound of these ambulances. 

Furthermore, you have to exercise during the day time. When the sun is up, noticing the lights of these emergency vehicles is quite difficult. It is easy during the night, but when it is bright, you would really need to take a closer look.

2. Never Panic

Next, you need to control your emotions. As a driver, it is crucial that you don’t lose your focus. Panicking is your worst enemy, as it can cause a lot of mayhem if you don’t control it. 

Loud sirens coming from behind can really startle drivers. Even the most alert ones could freeze for a moment before they can react. But keep in mind that it should not cause you to panic at all. It will cause you to do some illogical things, such as colliding with other vehicles. Of course, the worst thing that you can do to block the emergency vehicle. It causes unwanted and life-threatening delays. 

When an ambulance or police car is approaching, you have to remain calm and relaxed. All you need to do is to shift your direction so that you can let the emergency vehicle pass smoothly.

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