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Essential Ways To Avoid Vehicle Theft

Every year, thousands of vehicles are stolen in the entire world. Of course, vehicle thefts cause a lot of damage. It does not only aggravate vehicle owners, but it also damages automotive insurance companies and even the police. Keep in mind that anyone can use these stolen vehicles for criminal activities. Sometimes, their parts are dismantled so that they can be sold somewhere else. In grim instances, these vehicles are shipped to other countries so that they can be resold. 

The outcome of your vehicle when it gets stolen is bleak. Therefore, it is crucial that you can provide ample protection to it. In fact, you should think of anti-theft measures the moment you purchased your vehicle in the dealership. If you purchase a vehicle that has theft deterrents, your car has better protection. It is also a good choice since it reduces your insurance premiums. 

But to make things even safer, the following tips should be done by every vehicle owner. 

Don’t Leave Your Vehicle Running While It’s Unattended

There are some cases where leaving your vehicle running is tempting. For instance, dropping by to a convenience store for a quick shop or toilet can make you think that it is okay to leave your vehicle. After all, it will not take you long, right? 

On other occasions, drivers intentionally leave their vehicles during the winter or any cold condition. They don’t want things to be frigid on the inside. 

Regardless of your reasons, they are not justified to leave your car running. Doing this is like inviting thieves to get your car. Seasoned thieves will only take a few seconds or minutes to get inside of your vehicle and flee with it. Keep in mind that once a vehicle thief is already at the driver’s seat of your car, your chances of taking your vehicle back is quite slim.

Don’t Leave Your Keys In The Ignition

Always be responsible for your keys. Bring it with you anywhere you go. Even if you leave your vehicle, as long as it is not running and it doesn’t have any opening, it is completely okay. Just don’t stick the keys in the ignition, though. 

Once a thief acquires your key, that person can easily drive your vehicle without you noticing. Even if it is parked on the driveway or garage, it doesn’t matter for them. They got the keys, and there’s no stopping them. 

Keep in mind that around 20% of vehicles that were stolen are due to car keys that were left in the ignition. Preventing this problem is quite simple. It doesn’t even require an expert to think of its solution. You just need to take the keys with you. Don’t ever leave spare keys in your car, too. They should be in a secure location, much preferably in your home. 

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