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Hitchhiking Techniques: 6 Effective Ways For Hitchhikers

Travelers these days don’t rely on hitchhiking anymore as compared to fifty years ago. Today, owning a vehicle is already doable. After all, there are entry-level units out there that won’t break your bank accounts.

Furthermore, modes of public transportation have been made accessible, too. Meanwhile, the arrival of Uber and other similar services made transportation accessible to people that have no vehicles.

Knowing how to hitchhike is a crucial skill, especially for those who are taking roads that are less traveled. It is a survival skill, to be honest. You can use it in the direst of situations. 

Here’s how you can get a sure ride from passing drivers!

Tips On How To Hitchhike Successfully

Hitchhike on Gas Stations

If it is possible, you should do your spiel on gas stations. You see, many people fear taking a ride alone. Drivers are also hesitant to pick people in sketchy areas.  

Gas stations offer an excellent rendezvous for hitchhikers. It is a public space. Both men and women will have the confidence to approach other drivers in these areas because it is well-illuminated. There are also a considerable number of people, too. Of course, you only need to approach drivers that don’t look too suspicious. Tell them your situation so that they can give you a ride. 

To make things more convincing, you can pay for their gas. Or, if not, have a chip of it. That would make yourself. 

Go To Places Where Cars Are Slow

If there are no gas stations nearby, your next option is to proceed to any areas where the vehicle speed is limited. Areas that have no speed limit have lower hitchhiking occurrences. Of course, the reaction time for drivers to stop at you would be delayed since they are driving fast. Moreover, they will have less time to debate if you are a “safe person” or not. 

Zones with speed limits are great spots for hitchhikers. There, you will have a higher chance of getting picked up. Also, you can go to hilly portions of the road. It is easier for vehicles to stop when they are ascending. Obviously, it would help if you are not going to hitchhike on downhills. There are no way cars will stop for you. 

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