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Hyundai Investing Billions for Auto Driving and Electric Cars

The race of the development of modern and highly-advanced cars is still hot. 

A good proof of that is Hyundai. Apparently, this car manufacturer did never have the idea of being left out in the arena of electric and intelligent cars.

Hyundai, being the biggest car manufacturer in South Korea, told just this Tuesday that it has intentions in investing 41 trillion won (or approximately $35 billion) to the world of “future mobility technology.” Furthermore, it also indicated that this plan is going to roll in 2025. 

With such kind of monetary capital, this claim of Hyundai should never be shrugged off. After all, it is already at the level in which it can be compared to the capitalization that other companies had for this particular endeavor. 

For instance, Volkswagen is planning to invest $35 billion in the next five years to develop hybrid and electric cars on their lineup. Specifically, Volkswagen wants to have an electric version of every car model and series that they have right now. 

Meanwhile, Hyundai revealed that it is planning to release twenty-three (23) variants of electric vehicles by the end of 2025. If this will be fulfilled, these electric cars would be in the same number as the current lineup of Hyundai. 

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