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An Overview of Boeing And Porsche Developing A Flying Car

Flying cars are a thing of science fiction. However, this particular notion is about to get blurred out. 

This is the prospect right now as Porsche and Boeing will team up to produce the first flying car. The announcement was made after a month when the Taycan–the first electric car of Porsche–was released. 

Together with Boeing, this high-end car manufacturer decided that it is the right time to create “premium personal urban air mobility vehicles.” In short, what Porsche is trying to say is that it wants to manufacture deluxe flying cars. 

The partnership between Porsche and Boeing was forged through a non-exclusive memorandum of agreement. In this agreement, it has pertained that the two companies will venture to research and develop the viability of aircraft that have vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities. 

However, it had to be emphasized that these two companies are not guaranteed that they will produce flying cars together. 

The only catch here is that they are both enthusiastic about the development of such a technology. The market that awaits after this particular vehicle will be developed is too broad to be ignored. 

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