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What To Expect on Ford Truck’s Convertible Roof Patent?

Just recently, Ford made a patent application for a particular convertible roof system. In doing so, Ford elevated the potential of its truck to compete with the highly-rated Jeep Gladiator, which has been taking the drop-top market by storm. 

The submission of the patent, which had been made known publicly last Thursday, was seen first by Ford Authority. In the patent, a simple design of a removable hard-top mechanism has been indicated. The hard-top features two clips that hold its panel to its windshield surround. Another two more clips are also used in connecting the top to the cab through the lower portion of the bed line. 

This particular mechanism of interest can only be operated if you have already undone the clasps over the truck’s windshield bracket. The latter, in turn, would flip back to the rear panel but without the clips anymore. 

Meanwhile, there is a fixed structure that can be seen on the trailing edge of the back doors of the vehicle. Moreover, it is noticeable that the area where the rear window and rooftop meets is sitting over the said structure. It has been speculated that such a component will act as an extension to the entire truck. According to Ford, the design is only a prototype or a potential setup for the final implementation. The manufacturer indicated that this setup could still be redesigned to accommodate a variety of modifications and customizations.

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