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Tips On How To Avoid Towing Scams

Even amidst a grave situation, a driver should remain calm and collected. The moments of panic and worries are the moments where you are the most vulnerable. Of course, any scammer sees this as the perfect opportunity to get you under their tricks.

To prevent this unlikely situation from happening, here are some useful tips that you follow. 

Tip #1: Be Aware Who Is Helping You

Always stick the adage “it is too good to be true” in your head. One way or another, this would help you identify if the situation you are in is suspicious or not. Let me give you an example.

If you ever get into a road accident (due to flat tires or something like that), then a towing truck suddenly came immediately, then you need to raise your defenses and suspicions already. It is not a coincidence that they just passed by to the area where you experienced vehicular trouble. That’s very convenient for them. One way or another, they know that in that particular spot, someone will get into trouble. 

You see, some of these scammers are updated with police reports of real-time traffic accidents or road breakdowns. Because you are stuck in the said predicament already, you will be forced to sign their authorization documents at an extremely high price. Of course, you have the right to verify the company’s information. Try to probe if they are the towing service that you have called or not.

Tip #2: Ensure The Privacy Of Your Insurance Information

If the towing personnel asks you about the insurance information of your vehicle, then you should consider it as a red flag already. Keep in mind that all of your insurance details and company information are on the hands of your insurance provider or towing service that you have subscribed to. They won’t ask it anymore because they have it already. That’s the gist of it. 

Most of the time, these pieces of information are being used by these scammers to aggravate your situation further. For instance, they might use these details next time to call you and pretend that they are your insurance company. At this point, they will seek other personal information from you. You have to realize that it is a dangerous situation, and your life and resources are at stake here. 

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, before anything terrible happens, you need to take the necessary precautions to avoid them.

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