High Occupancy Vehicle Lane
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What’s The Purpose Of HOV Lanes?

Basically, HOV lanes are constructed and engineered to enhance the mobility of people rather than the vehicles themselves. Technically, it is the cars and trucks that pass our roads. However, they are just mediums of transport. The real users are still humans. If road users like us feel that the traffic is becoming more inconvenient, then necessary adjustments should be implemented. 

HOV lanes are designed to move more people than other lanes. A single HOV lane can deliver three times more passengers than ordinary highways can do. Of course, that’s another manner of decongesting the streets, too. Keep in mind that transporting a large number of people requires bulky and oversized vehicles–such as buses. If they pass through a lane that has limited horizontal and vertical size, they will worsen the traffic.

Even if you don’t see a lot of vehicles that are passing in HOV lanes, the volume of the population that it transports is still significantly larger than conventional highways. It doesn’t matter if you only see one bus that passes these HOV lanes per minute. Keep in mind that a single bus is equivalent to forty cars or more. Such a concept enables these HOV lanes to be free from unnecessary congestions. 

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