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An Overview of Climate Change Activists Shutting Down D.C. Traffic

Road shutdowns rarely happen. But when they do, expect that they have compelling reasons. 

In Washington D.C., various activists gathered on the streets and disrupted the flow of traffic and commuting public. These mass demonstrations happen throughout the state. It took place just days after the Global Climate Strike rallies, which was participated by thousands of people–including a significant number of school children. 

The rally was entitled “Shut Down D.C.” The goal of this protest is to hamper all the systems and activities that are said to contribute to the perpetuating climate change. To make their presence felt, these protesters did block major thoroughfares in the city to cause intentional traffic build-up.

Of course, the police did not let this incident slide. 

Throughout the duration of the rally, there were twenty-six (26) people that have been arrested. Most of them were nabbed in intersections like the New York Avenue, Florida Avenue Northeast; North Capitol Street; and the K and 16th Streets Northwest. The Metropolitan Police Department was fast in seizing those protesters that were deemed “too disruptive” already.

For more information visit: Climate Change Activists Shut Down D.C. Traffic

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