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An Overview of Developing Solar-Powered Hyperloop System

The hyperloop may still be a product of science fiction today. However, this doesn’t mean that people have already left the concept on the shelf. 

In fact, there are already scientists and researchers who are on their way to realizing the hyperloop. The firm MAD, a Chinese architecture company, announced that it is developing the technology that could serve as a foundation for hyperloop. 

Currently, they labeled their design as “eco-friendly,” which could signify that their prototype is still anchored in technologies that adhere to sustainability and alternative energy sources. Specifically, the firm mentioned that their hyperloop would utilize wind and solar as its primary driving force.

MAD already announced to the public that it is working hand-in-hand with the US-based company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. The goal of this partnership is to kickstart the creation of a sustainable design that will help in improving the connectivity of people and cities. The design of the hyperloop that they published highlights the inclusion of wind turbine forests and solar panels. 

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